Monday, June 10, 2013

Drove 250 kilometres Just To Feed The Possums!!!

Monday 10th June, 2013

Today is a Public Holiday, Queen's Birthday long weekend and Tony and I are having a lazy day.  The weather over the weekend has been nothing to get excited about, cool and overcast but no rain.

On Saturday we went to the local craft fair and I caught up with the girls from Kaszazz, the ones I go and do scrapbooking with.  There were lots of stalls but I don't think as many as in previous years.  At least there were not as many jewellery stalls, but instead a good mix of lots of different crafts.  

On Sunday Robyn, Bob, Tony and I decided to go for a drive to Renmark.  The purpose of going up there was to feed the possums on the riverbank.  Robyn also thought it would be good to go and scatter Dad's ashes, finally freeing him from the cupboard.

We left home around midday.  Our first stop was to go to Paringa and  to the farm where we found a place in which to scatter Dad's ashes.   The farm had been in our family for 100 years and after the death of Dad's brother the farm was sold to another relative of the family.  We know that Dad will be happy here.

We also called into the cemetery where Mum and Dad are.  One place I love to wander around are cemeteries and read the old headstones and wonder about the life and hardships that the people endured.  The saddest part is seeing the graves of so many babies and children that had no chance of survival back in the late 1800's and early 1900's.  

Back in Renmark we walked along the riverbank.  It was too early for the possums.  

Several houseboats were moored and amongst them was this.  What on earth was it?  Who would live on this?

The man, Frank Turton, also known as "The Chookman" is the 'proud' owner of this monstrosity.  He has built it out of old pieces of tin, wood and anything else he could get his hands on.  It's a wonder it floats!  But float it does as he often goes up and down the river on it, even as far away as Mildura, where he entertains anyone who is willing to listen to his songs and his stories.

At least we could walk away when we got tired of listening to him, have pity on the old folk who live in nursing homes and aged care homes where he also goes to entertain........they can't.  He has two chooks that also travel with him on this 'thing'.....hence the nickname "Chookman".  He does allow people on it to have a look around, Robyn and Tony went aboard, Bob and I preferred to look from afar.

Just on dusk the first of the possums appeared.  We had some bread, and got some carrots and apples to give them.  Someone goes and places food around the base of the palm trees and nails carrots to the trees for the possums to feed on, I suppose for when no-one else is around to feed them.  They loved the bread and apple.

All in all there were around 7 possums that came down to feed.  They are very tame and will take the food from your hands or just let you hold it while they eat.  They were so so cute.....I would have liked to have brought one home, but was quickly told that it might not be a good idea because once they get in your roof they make an almighty ruckus during the night.

The ducks were there to take any leftovers........

We gave the remainder of our food to the kids that were there so that we could go and have something to eat ourselves.  The Renmark Hotel was booked out and so we went to the Renmark Club.  We had a very nice meal.  Around 7.30pm we headed for home getting back to Gawler around 10.30pm.

It was a fantastic afternoon/evening, drove some 520 kilometres round trip and decided to do it again maybe when it's a bit warmer.

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  1. Oh how fun this trip sounds. We don't have anything like that here. (feeding the possums) We do feed the ducks and geese on the ponds. Your possums are adorable. They look different from our possums. I loved your photos, and once again felt as though I was there enjoying myself too. Thanks so much for that. You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.