Wednesday, May 8, 2013

We're Having An Indian Summer!

Wednesday 8th May, 2013

We are only 3 weeks away before Winter starts and here we are experiencing temperatures in the high 20's, low 30's.  I'm not complaining.....this is absolutely perfect weather.  I could live with this all year round.

Today we created a record.....the warmest May day since 1921.  It got to 31.1C.  Tomorrow and Friday they have predicted the temps to be 28C,  On Saturday the temperature will go down to 26 and later in the evening we should get some rain.  

They say the rain, or showers, will continue on Sunday and Monday and the temperatures will drop by 10 degrees and get down to 17 and 18C.   

I have been a lot more productive this week than what I was last week.  Maybe it is the nicer weather that makes you want to get up and about and moving.  It's been lots of housework and laundry.  Nothing exciting, just jobs that need doing.  I have taken some time out to get outside and enjoy the sunshine.


  1. hi Judy
    Thanks for the comment on my blog! So glad you enjoy the posts! Wow, you sure have been commenting long on my blog! I hope your weather lasts! We are more or the less the same as you in Australia, we are also going into our winter in June. It is about between 20-27 still here. But today is around 24. Not cold but not hot. I like it like this too. I like your cute kitty on your screen! sat and watched it for a bit! :)
    Have a good day! Bonnie

  2. In another month and a half, we will be into summer. We waited so long for Spring to get here and it's almost gone. Yeesh! Our temp today is in the high 70's F, and I could live with this all year round. I'm like you, I love this perfect weather. I liked the photo of your street. It's really quite pretty. I'm at work, so gotta go. You have a wonderful day. Hugs, Edna B.