Thursday, May 23, 2013

No Katie Again This Weekend

Thursday 23rd May, 2013

I am having withdrawals.....we have not seen Katie for 5 weeks and it appears that she won't be coming this weekend either.  She is becoming a social butterfly.

Speaking to her on the phone earlier she told me that she has got a party to go to.  One of the boys she knows is going to Queensland for a baseball tournament and they are having a party for him.  

She is playing soccer for the school on Friday and then on Saturday they were given tickets to go to the South Adelaide football oval and play mini league at half time.

She said that they haven't had any practise for the footy game.....geez I hope she knows what she's let herself in for.  Hopefully she comes out of the game unscathed.

She said she will come next weekend.  She asked whether it would be OK for Maddi to come as well.  I have just got a text message to say that she's asked Maddi and Maddi said yes. 

I know this next week will fly by!

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