Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day

Sunday 12th May, 2013

To all those Mums celebrating Mother's Day today I hope you have a good one.  For those who have been reading my blog for the past couple of years will know that I am not enthused about Mother's Day.  Every day is Mother's Day to me.

Around this time of year and as you go about your business this is what you see on the side of the roads and outside people's houses..........flower sellers.  Many of the sellers have grown the flowers themselves but we think some of them must have commercial businesses too.  Chrysanthemums are the most popular flower being sold at this time of year.

This year we have noticed though that there are not as many flower sellers as there have been in the past.  Maybe it's because flowers are now available in many more places other than the florist.

Thankfully the rain came last night which was a great help to the firefighters fighting the bushfire.  Thankfully no other houses were lost.  A huge THANKYOU to our firefighters!

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  1. Your photos are wonderful. I think Mothers Day, EAster and Valentines Day are the biggest flower giving days of the year. Actually, I think I'd prefer to buy my flowers from the small town growers than at the stores.

    Here's hoping you get a little more rain to help with the fires. Be safe, and have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna dB.