Saturday, May 25, 2013

Katie Loved Her First Football Game

Saturday 25th May, 2013

Katie came out of her football game unscathed.  She said she had a great time and that her team kicked 12 goals (don't worry about any points that were kicked) to the other teams 6 goals.

It sounded as if she had more fun in the jumping castle that they had there. She said the kids were all tackling each other and falling on top of each other......a softer landing than a footy ground.  They lost their game of soccer on Friday  4 - 1 but she said she enjoyed the game.

It sounds as if she wants to take up playing football.  She has got the genes for it, seeing that her mother's cousin was one of Glenelg's and Carlton's champions.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

No Katie Again This Weekend

Thursday 23rd May, 2013

I am having withdrawals.....we have not seen Katie for 5 weeks and it appears that she won't be coming this weekend either.  She is becoming a social butterfly.

Speaking to her on the phone earlier she told me that she has got a party to go to.  One of the boys she knows is going to Queensland for a baseball tournament and they are having a party for him.  

She is playing soccer for the school on Friday and then on Saturday they were given tickets to go to the South Adelaide football oval and play mini league at half time.

She said that they haven't had any practise for the footy game.....geez I hope she knows what she's let herself in for.  Hopefully she comes out of the game unscathed.

She said she will come next weekend.  She asked whether it would be OK for Maddi to come as well.  I have just got a text message to say that she's asked Maddi and Maddi said yes. 

I know this next week will fly by!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

The Farmers Have Been Busy

Sunday 19th May, 2013

The beautiful days we had last week were short lived but we made the most of the gorgeous weather while it lasted.  This week has been cold and wet. We had 64 mm of rain ( that's close to 2.5 inches), so there are some very happy farmers who have been plowing and seeding.  I've seen enough water, it's time for the sun to re-emerge once again.

Nothing much to week was uneventful.  Last night Robyn and Bob came for dinner.  For months Bob had been talking about wanting Sauerkraut and so I offered to cook him some.  Tony's mum used to cook it and so I remembered how she used to make it and I gave it a go.  

A couple of weeks ago I thought I had better have a practise run as it has been years since I last had it.  It turned out pretty good, though Tony thought I used too much potato.  This time I cut down on the potato and even though it was still nice, I prefer the extra potato in isn't as sour.  I think Robyn and Bob enjoyed it too, well they said they did! 

To go with the sauerkraut I cooked a pork belly which I cut up and added to the sauerkraut, pork spare ribs, Rookwurst and Tony had Worcestershire sauce and black pepper sausages .

Robyn brought the dessert.....she made another Raspberry White Chocolate cheesecake.  This time she layered the raspberries and it was delish!

Today was a lazy day.......we just lazed around in the morning and this afternoon we had to go to the Chemist and then decided to go for a drive into the country.  This time we took the main highway north.   

We cut across country at Port Wakefield to Balaclava and then to Mallala and Virginia and then home. 

We could see where a lot of the farmers had been busy.  Some of the crops were already starting to show signs of bits of green coming through the ground.  It's amazing what a little bit of rain and sunshine can do.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day

Sunday 12th May, 2013

To all those Mums celebrating Mother's Day today I hope you have a good one.  For those who have been reading my blog for the past couple of years will know that I am not enthused about Mother's Day.  Every day is Mother's Day to me.

Around this time of year and as you go about your business this is what you see on the side of the roads and outside people's houses..........flower sellers.  Many of the sellers have grown the flowers themselves but we think some of them must have commercial businesses too.  Chrysanthemums are the most popular flower being sold at this time of year.

This year we have noticed though that there are not as many flower sellers as there have been in the past.  Maybe it's because flowers are now available in many more places other than the florist.

Thankfully the rain came last night which was a great help to the firefighters fighting the bushfire.  Thankfully no other houses were lost.  A huge THANKYOU to our firefighters!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Our Perfect Weather Has Brought A Bushfire

Friday 10th May, 2013

This perfect weather is still continuing but with it has come a bushfire that is burning rather close to the city.  It started yesterday afternoon and is burning in some inaccessible terrain at Cherryville in the Adelaide Hills.

This morning the CFS warned the residents close to where this fire is burning, ie Cherryville, Basket Range and Marble Hill to start putting their bushfire survival plan into use and think about leaving their properties before it is too late.  They are expecting wind changes later on today which could make this fire worse.

This is something we expect at the height of Summer, not now when Winter is just a few weeks away.  We just hope that the CFS and all firefighters can get on top of this fire before any property is lost.

Update......unfortunately a house and shed has been destroyed by the fire.   It doesn't sound as if the firefighters have the upper hand in containing this fire.  Tomorrow evening we are expecting a cooler change and some rain.  Let's pray that no other property is lost in the mean time.

                                             Photos taken from Adelaide Now

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

We're Having An Indian Summer!

Wednesday 8th May, 2013

We are only 3 weeks away before Winter starts and here we are experiencing temperatures in the high 20's, low 30's.  I'm not complaining.....this is absolutely perfect weather.  I could live with this all year round.

Today we created a record.....the warmest May day since 1921.  It got to 31.1C.  Tomorrow and Friday they have predicted the temps to be 28C,  On Saturday the temperature will go down to 26 and later in the evening we should get some rain.  

They say the rain, or showers, will continue on Sunday and Monday and the temperatures will drop by 10 degrees and get down to 17 and 18C.   

I have been a lot more productive this week than what I was last week.  Maybe it is the nicer weather that makes you want to get up and about and moving.  It's been lots of housework and laundry.  Nothing exciting, just jobs that need doing.  I have taken some time out to get outside and enjoy the sunshine.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Will It Or Won't It Rain?

Sunday 5th May, 2013

May slipped in to replace April very quietly.  I have no idea where the days are going.  All I know is that they are skipping by way too fast.

This past week was a very non productive one for me.  I had plenty of thoughts in my head as to what I wanted to do but none of them came to fruition.  There's always this week to try and accomplish what I didn't get to do last week!

The weekend has been a very quiet one.  Today we planned on doing some gardening.  This morning was cool and overcast when we got up and looked like it was going to rain,  but by mid morning the sun had come out and so we thought we would tackle the front garden.

A few years ago we bought a couple of  New Zealand Flax plants.  Thinking we had bought the mini version of the plant we soon found out it wasn't.  They had grown to be nearly 2 metres tall.  A few months ago when talking to a neighbour we mentioned that we were going to dig them up and get rid of them.  He asked whether his brother could have them.  We were only too happy to let him have them once we had dug them up.

Unfortunately his brother has been very sick and we have not seen much of them and so instead of digging them out Tony cut them right back.  They look much better.  If Garry or Wayne decide they don't want them we decided we'd leave them in the ground and just keep cutting them back when they get too large. 

Even though this time of year is pretty seeing the leaves on the trees changing colours it's also a time that I hate.  I can't wait until the trees drop all their leaves and they turn into compost.  No matter how much you tidy up the garden, there's always falling leaves being blown around shortly after you've finished gardening.

Only a few more weeks of fallen leaves and then the garden should look all neat and tidy again.
Our street just before the leaves begin to change colour