Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Weather Is A Changin'

Wednesday 24th April, 2013

I don't know where the last few days have gone but it's Wednesday already.

Last Friday night we had Katie stay.   She had arranged to sleep at her friends Maddies' place but we suggested that she sleep there on Saturday night instead if it was OK with Maddies' mum.....which it was.   She wanted to go with Tony on Saturday while he did his Flight Experience flight but she thought he was doing it in the afternoon.  

After picking her up we went back into the city.  While there we went and showed her the "Chocolate Wardrobe".  Unfortunately the chocolate has started to be affected by heat and in some places it was starting to discolour.  Such a shame!  I don't know how much longer they will have it on display.

After getting home Katie changed into her pyjamas.  She told me that she had to 'grow' them in water before she could wear them.  What???  This is how she bought them......

And this is Katie wearing them..........

OMG what will they think of next!!!  I can see a benefit in having to soak the clothes you want to wear in water.  Imagine travelling.....never again having to worry about excess baggage.

On Saturday morning Bob and Robyn came around early and we went off to the Flight Experience.  Tony loves his planes.  I suppose that comes from working at the Airport for over 23 years .  I bought him a Flight Experience voucher and he was allowed to take 2 passengers with him along for the "ride".  Katie and Bob volunteered.

The experience was for an hour and so Robyn and I went and did some window shopping.  When we came back they were just finishing up.  Tony thoroughly enjoyed his experience and said it was money well spent.  He flew out of New York and Hong Kong airports.

Flight Experience is a replica Boeing 737-800 fixed base simulator.  Tony was the pilot and he got to experience what it is like to fly a commercial jet airliner.

After we left there we went and had a coffee.  We decided to go to Prospect Road and Muratti Cakes and Gateaux.  We decided to go here because we have been watching My Kitchen Rules and this year one of the contestants, Jenna (known as Little Miss Cupcake) works there.  We enjoyed a lovely coffee and one of their yummy cakes.

From here it was down to the Rosewater Hotel (again) and some lunch.  Yum!!  After lunch Katie wanted to take Robyn and Bob to the Go-kart track.  At first we were just going to watch but it didn't take long before Tony and Katie decided they wanted to have a drive.  Robyn was also game and so she had a go. 

Robyn felt at home in a hair net.....after all she is a theatre nurse

OMG did we laugh! Since it was her first time she was so slow and had no idea on how to drive the thing.  We wondered if she would even be able to complete 1 lap in the 10 minute time allowed.

To her credit she completed 5 laps.  She ended up with quite a cheer squad.  Several other people were also watching and after she completed a lap they would clap and cheer her on.  When it was all over they all came over and congratulated her for having a go.  It was so funny watching her.  Bob and I couldn't stop laughing.  We were laughing so hard to the point of not being able to breathe.  Way to go Robyn!!  Bob said he is going to have a go next time!

It was nearly time to go and meet Kahra and drop Katie off.  Firstly we had to go and get an icecream on the way and so we called into Largs.  After dropping Katie off we came home and Robyn and Bob left soon after.  

On Sunday morning we woke to rain.  It was lovely laying in bed listening to it on the roof.  We were desperate for it, especially the farmers, they need to prepare their land ready for seeding.

We had planned to go to Fort Glanville but because it was wet and cold Tony decided to go for a drive instead.  We ended up at Tarlee, then drove across to Kapunda, Eudunda and Truro.  We had coffee at Truro and then drove to Sedan, Angaston and back home through the Barossa Valley. 

So close to finding the pot of gold

They had had plenty of rain up there as there was lots laying around in the paddocks and on the side of the road.  In the low lying areas the water was across the road making driving a bit tricky.  We ended up with 24mm of rain which was a good soaking.

The weather this week has been cool and it feels as if winter is just around the corner.  I hope it gets here in a hurry and leaves just as quick like the days that seem to fly by.  Before we know it Spring will be here with the warmer temps.

Yesterday I had arranged to go out to lunch with Dianne and meet up with Tori.  We had arranged to meet her at 1.00pm but she didn't show up.  She rang Dianne to apologise and said she would catch up with us another time.  

Today I am off to the hairdresser. 


  1. Wow .... you sure know how to make the most of your weekends!

    1. Times running out for us so we have to make the most of any spare time we have while we still can....hahahahahahaha