Saturday, April 6, 2013

It Was Tempting

Saturday 6th April, 2013

The weather has been on the improve here over the last couple of days and we are going to have temperatures of around 27C - 29C until next Thursday at least.  This is what I call perfect weather.  The nights are beginning to get cool but at least it makes for some good sleeping and getting cosy under the blankets.

This weekend daylight saving ends.  I love daylight saving but for the past month it has been hard getting out of bed early as it is still dark until way after 7.00am.  I think sunrise this morning was closer to 7.30am.  I'll be counting the days until it starts again as that means warmer weather for us.

Yesterday evening I went into town to meet Tony.  While in there we went off to Rundle Place as I wanted to see this wardrobe made completely of chocolate.  WOW! absolutely amazing is all I can say!!!

The chocolate was sourced from the Fruchocs (Robern Menz) factory here in Adelaide and more than 300 kilos was used.  

Prudence Staite, from the UK, was brought out by Harris Scarfes to sculpt the chocolate.  She has done an amazing job.  Her website can be found at " is"

They wouldn't notice if I broke off a small piece from the models dresses would they......believe me it was tempting!

This display is expected to be at Rundle Place for several more weeks.  I wonder what will happen to all of the chocolate.  Surely it won't be made into Fruchocs and resold .......ugh!


  1. ...and here I am, on the other side of the world on a no-chocolate or sugar week, absolutely drooling!

    1. Oh no, poor you! How did you get on over Easter? With the smell of the chocolate in the air it was hard to resist not to have a nibble.

  2. Oh wow, I'm drooling too! I looooooove that dress!! I've never seen anything like this. I got my share of chocolate and cookies for Easter. I shared most of the cookies, but hid the chocolate. (for me) lol. Have a great day, hugs, Edna B.