Saturday, April 13, 2013

Good Food, Good Company

Saturday 13th April, 2013

Today was a relatively quiet day.  We slept in this morning, something which Tony relished after a busy week a work.

Tonight we went out to dinner with Rick and Dianne.  It was partly to belatedly celebrate Tony's birthday with them (they were away for his birthday) and to catch up.  We ended up going to the Rosewater Hotel.  They had never been there.   Tony and  I again had the Thai Chilli delicious, Rick had the seafood platter which he enjoyed and Dianne had a pasta.  She also enjoyed hers.

Thanks to Robyn and Bob this hotel is becoming a favourite of ours.  The prices are good, they have lots of specials on the board if you want them and the food is fresh.  I think Rick and Dianne will go back there because they were impressed with it as well

Rick enjoys playing the pokies and so we spent about an hour doing that after dinner.  I put through $25 and took back $25, Rick took out $100, I don't know how much he put in,  and Tony and Dianne don't play them.  

After we finished at the hotel we went to Semaphore looking for a coffee shop but didn't find one and so we ended up at Henley Beach at Evida for coffee and cake.  It was a lovely way to end a great evening.


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