Sunday, April 28, 2013

Food! Glorious Food!

Sunday 28th April, 2013

Even though Friday was Robyn's birthday, we went out to lunch today to celebrate.  As it was she put in a 12 hour shift at work on Friday.  I suppose with Thursday being a Public Holiday, any operations scheduled for that day were put onto Friday's list.

This time we thought we would try some of the eateries down south.  We ended up going down to the Southern Vales, another wine growing area about an hour south of Adelaide. Robyn had read and heard some rave reviews about a Cafe Restaurant in McLaren Vale, Carmel's, and so she thought she would like to try it.

No-one had told us about a Vintage Car Festival being held there and that the main road into McLaren Vale would be closed.  We had to park in a side street, walk down to the main road and then try and find the cafe.

Luckily one of the locals  pointed us in the right direction.  Soon after we started to walk there the road was re-opened and so Tony went back and got the car.

For lunch I ordered the "Pulled Pork", a pig cooked on the spit for at least 12 hours,  the meat is then pulled off, hence the name, and then cooked again in a sauce.  I don't normally eat pork but this sounded nice and being cooked twice I knew it would be well cooked. 

Robyn had Spare Ribs and Tony and Bob had the Seafood Platter which had oysters, prawns, salmon, salt and pepper squid and squid tentacles, garfish and soft shell mud crab.

For dessert I had warm Pecan Pie, Robyn had Apple Crumble and Tony and Bob had Chocolate Indulgence with Tia Maria.
The food was nice but nothing out of the ordinary.  Bob was disappointed with the Seafood Platter.  He said that the fish was dry and the crab was very greasy.  Tony didn't eat his crab or the salmon.

The ambience of the place was great and the staff were very friendly.

We came home via Meadows, Kangarilla and Blackwood.  Last night Robyn made a White Chocolate and Raspberry Cheesecake.  When we got back home we had coffee and some of this cheesecake.  Yum! Yum! the cheesecake was delicious.   

She said she got the recipe off the internet.  

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  1. I'm a bit behind in my blog reading, but I just finished getting caught up here. Oh my goodness, I am stuffed!! All those wonderful pictures of food, especially that glorious cheesecake have me licking my chops! I love all your photos. It lets me feel as though I am traveling right along with you. I have not yet seen any of those clothes that have to be soaked to grow, but they sure do look interesting. The simulated air flight experience sounds so exciting. What a fabulous gift.

    Well, I'm at work and now it is time to go check on the Mrs. Tomorrow is Pogo's big day, and we will start it off by going out to buy all the balloons. Then I will get busy and figure out how to make a hamburger cake. lol. You have a great night. Hugs, Edna B.