Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Over For Another Year

Monday 1st April, 2012

Easter is over for another year and I trust that everyone has had a lovely Easter with family and friends.

Good Friday was a lazy day for us.  Easter Saturday we went out for lunch to celebrate Kahra's birthday, which was on the Wednesday.  Katie came back with us to spend the remainder of Easter.

After lunch we took a drive down to Sempahore.  The annual kite festival was being held there.  Just as we arrived so too did the showers.  We didn't stay for long.  A lot of the kites were not flying, there wasn't too much of a breeze plus it started to rain.

We went off to do some food shopping and then decided to go home.  We ended up watching the movie, Narnia....The Witch, The Lion and The Wardrobe on Saturday night.  Katie mentioned that they were learning about it at school.  

Katie didn't seem to be as excited for Easter Bunny to come as she has in previous years.  I don't think she believes anymore but is too scared to say anything just in case she doesn't get  She did ask whether Easter Bunny was going to come tonight.

In the morning when she woke up she looked by the side of her bed but there was nothing.  She got up and went out to the family /dining room and there was nothing there either.  She came back into her bedroom with a disappointed look on her face, but it quickly turned into a smile when she saw her Easter goodies on the cupboard.  She was happy with her eggs and bunny candle and she also got a hair straightener.

Sunday Katie wanted to go-kart racing.  Firstly we took a quick trip up to Woodside and Melba's Chocolate Factory.  We had been given some Easter goodies by some friends and so I thought we had better get them some too.  

We came back and Tony and Katie went racing.  We couldn't stay too long as we had to go back home and get ourselves dressed to go out for dinner.  We picked up Robyn and Bob, and then drove to Lyndoch Hill (previously known as Barossa Chateau) for dinner.  

This was the first time Katie had experienced 5 star dining.  She said she felt very special, especially when the waitress placed the cloths (napkins) on her.  She loved the way they kept coming over to refill her glass with water and how fancy they served the meals.   "It wan't like a pub meal, was it Nanna?" she commented later.

The food was absolutely fantastic!  We enjoyed every course.  Katie even tried foods she had never eaten before, like asparagus, mashed swede, and avocado.  For dessert she wanted to try the Blood Orange Sorbet but at the last minute decided to go for the baked chocolate mousse instead.  Tony ordered it instead so at least she could get to try it.  She said it was nice but whether she would have eaten it if she'd ordered it was another matter.

$396.00 later we decided it was worth every cent.  It's not a place you'd go to once a month, maybe not even once a year, but for a special occasion I would highly recommend it.  It was surprising the number of diners that were there.  The dining room was full and they ended up taking people upstairs where tables had been set up. 

She asked Robyn and Bob if they would like to come 10 pin bowling with us on the Monday.  They said yes and so she was happy.  They came around 1.30pm  and so we walked up to the Bowling centre.  I didn't bowl, Katie, Robyn, Bob and Tony did.  I think they all need a lot of  No-one got over 100 points.  Still it was a great afternoon.

By the time we got back home, it was time to leave and take Katie to meet Kahra.  After dropping her off we came back home, had dinner and put our feet up.  We have just had another great Easter!

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  1. First let me say that I just love your little zebracorn!! He's adorable!

    Your Easter weekend sounded fabulous. Your Katie is quite beautiful. I am not much on dining out but the restaurant you went to sounds wonderful. I thought the kites in your photos were great. I've never really gone to a kite festival, so I've never seen such imaginative kites. This would have been such fun for me. Thank you for sharing your weekend. Have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.