Friday, April 12, 2013

Coles And Woolworths Have A Lot To Answer For

Friday 12th April, 2012

The two duopolies Coles and Woolworths,  have a lot to answer for in this country  At the moment they are forcing out small businesses all over the country and importing cheap crap food under their own labels.

Today another South Australian owned company has been forced to go to the wall............Spring Gully.  Apparently Coles and Woolworths have cancelled their contracts with them.  Maybe I'm being a bit harsh on them as it is also their customers who are at fault, they obviously buy the cheaper brands that they offer and not the local brands.

Spring Gully was established in 1946 and make a range of sauces, jams, chutneys, gherkins, pickled onions, and produce honey under the name of Leabrook.  We love the Spring Gully green tomato pickle, gherkins, pickled onions and the honey.

I don't shop at Coles or Woolworths unless I absolutely, positively have to.  I prefer Foodland, a good old SA icon.  They also sell a lot of South Australian produce.   I only go to C or W when I can't get what I want at Foodland which is not very often.  Many people think that Foodland is too expensive, but we have found it not to be the case.  Some items are dearer but overall I think they are fairly competitive.  Having Woolworths and Foodland at our shopping centre is good for making each other honest.

Woolworths own the majority of hotels and pokie venues.  They also have a large proportion of the liquor stores, fashion stores, discount variety stores, and Caltex petrol stations.

Coles have some hotels and pokie venues. fashion stores, discount variety stores, office and school stationery stores,  liquor stores and the Shell petrol stations.

They are now talking of wanting to be able to sell alcohol in their supermarkets.  This will force a lot of small family owned liquor stores to close their doors.

If you shop at either of these stores and spend over a certain amount ($30) you get a voucher for 4 cents off per litre for your petrol.  They have been running a promotion since before Christmas for 8c off.  It's no real saving as you are paying for it when you buy your groceries.  Since these corporations have taken over the petrol stations hundreds of small operators have gone out of business.

Currently there is a storm brewing with the dairy farmers.  Many of the farmers have walked away from their farms as they can't survive what is being paid to them by these companies.  Coles and Woolies have been selling milk for $1 a litre, way below the production costs of the farmers.  By the way I buy South Australian milk, Paris Creek or Fleurieu Milk.

Once these companies force out small business and farmers one thing will happen.  Prices will go up and the consumer will be left wondering....why?

We have to vote with our feet.  We should boycott their stores until they start to supply Australian made produce.

In the not too distant future I can see other iconic businesses going to the wall, the likes of Beerenberg, Bickfords, Balfours, San Remo and the list goes on.  We HAVE to start supporting these companies!  If we let Coles and Woolworths get away with it where will the jobs be in the future for your children and grandchildren.

While I'm on my soap box, several months ago I wrote about the government handout that was given to Holden's supposedly to help them secure the future of Holden in Australia.    Well during the week they announced that 400 workers here in South Australia will lose their jobs plus another 100 in Victoria.  This will also have a flow on effect for other job losses by companies that supply automotive parts to Holden.

Nice one State and Federal Governments!  No amount of money will guarantee to keep GM in this country.
Their sales have been slipping only because they are making a car that no-one wants to buy.  When will the powers that be at Holden wake up and realise this.  Why is Mazda and Hyundai and Toyota outselling Holden?  Perhaps it's time to visit Korea and Japan and see what the average car buyer wants.  

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  1. Well said. We always bought the Spring Gully gherkins: a mainstay in our fridge door!