Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Finally Some Relief From The Heat

Tuesday March 12th, 2013

Hopefully today is the last of the hot weather for awhile.  They are forecasting a cool change to come in around midnight and then the temperature tomorrow will be 25C.  Hallelujah!!  But then, next Tuesday the temps will climb again to around 30C.

Our long weekend was uneventful.  We spent it home doing odd jobs around the house.  Tony even shampooed the hallway carpet.  It looks as if we will have to get someone in to either replace the hallway carpet or do some repairs.  We have got a large offcut of carpet but whether it will be enough I don't know.  The carpet in front of the sliding doors that lead to the courtyard has started to rot due to the sun.

I know I have to replace the curtains that hang at the sliding doors as when I last washed them I noticed that they have started to rot.........not bad for 19 years.  The carpet is just as old, but has shown no signs of wear (maybe that's because we don't wear shoes inside) and the hallway is always used, no matter where we want to go in the house we have to use the hallway to get there.

Happy Birthday Andrew!!  Hope you have a fantastic day and a year where all your wishes are fulfilled.

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