Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Catholics Have A New Pope

Thursday 14th March, 2013

This morning we woke to the news that a new Pope had been elected.  Back in February, Pope Benedict XVI (Joseph Ratzinger), announced that he was going to resign the Papacy.  Now this is something that is unheard of.  Once a Pope they usually stay a Pope until their death.  Apparently he was suffering some health issues plus it had been leaked that there were other internal issues going on.

All the Cardinals from around the world were summoned to the Vatican so that they could choose the next Pope.  They have to have two thirds majority before a new Pope can be chosen.  If there is no decision black smoke rises from the chimney of the Sistine Chapel.  When white smoke appears, that indicates a new Pope has been chosen and this is what happened this morning our time.

The new Pope comes from Buenos Aires, Argentina.  The first time in over 1000 years that a Pope has been chosen outside of Europe and the first from the Americas.  His name is Jorge Mario Bergoglio and will be known as Pope Francis I.  

                                                                            Photos courtesy of Adelaide Now website

Tony, being Catholic has no interest whatsoever that a new Pope was elected, whereas me, being a non Catholic finds the whole process fascinating.  Just reading snippets about this guy it sounds as if he has modern ideas except he is anti abortion, anti gay marriage and anti contraception.  

His life in Buenos Aires was a simple one.  He turned his back on chauffeured cars, living in luxury, instead opting to catch buses, living in a small apartment and cooking his own meals.  He spent a lot of his ministry helping the poor.  I think he may be a peoples' Pope.

Let's hope that during his reign as the Pope there will finally be some closure on the terrible sexual abuse claims that have been covered up in the Catholic Church.


  1. Sadly, he's as much of an out of date, unsympathetic old fogey as all of the others.... *sigh*. The biggest highlight of the announcement was seeing a seagull sit on the chimney!

  2. Sad to say, I have to agree with the previous commentor. If he is "anti" everything important, then he is definitely outdated, old fashioned, and no ways near modern. Sorry.

    I think they should have elected a much younger, modern thinking person to be the new pope. Which, of course, they will never do.

    Somehow I missed that bit about the seagull. That would have been fun. lol. You have a great day, hugs, Edna B.