Saturday, March 9, 2013

So Over This Hot Weather

Saturday 9th March, 2013

I am so over this hot weather!!  Looks like it will be with us until next Thursday.  It has become so during the day, the clouds build during the afternoon, we get excited for some rain and nada, nothing.  This morning we had about 20 drops of rain which only just made it hot and steamy.

Once I used to love the humidity.  Not anymore.  These days it just drains the energy out of me.  This past week I haven't done much at all.  We were hoping to go and see some Fringe acts, especially this weekend seeing it is a long weekend here.  But nup we have decided to stay home and chill instead.  I have not been too enthused this year about the Fringe, haven't heard many rave reviews about the acts   The only one that did have some interest for me was Circolombia.

Friday night we had been out for some dinner and a wander through the city.  Imagine our surprise when we were heading home and saw this outside the service station just up the road from us.  I know petrol prices have increased recently but surely not to this extent!!!

Tony went in to let the attendant know but seeing it was after 10:00pm and the night window had come into effect he was unable to leave the shop.  He said that some kids had changed the numbers around.  Phew!!! thank goodness for that.  I wonder how much business they lost that evening?

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