Friday, March 1, 2013

Mad March Is Here!

Friday 1st March, 2013

Well February floated on by and now March has come to take it's place.  This past week has been a mixed bag weather wise.  We even managed to get a few spots of rain.  Not enough to water the garden but it was refreshing as it seemed to clear the air and the smog and the smoke.  The weather bureau said our Summer was the hottest summer that Australia has ever recorded, and that is despite all the floods Queensland and northern New South Wales have had to put up with.

Last weekend, with Katie, was spent swimming.  The temperatures here were in the high 30's and so both days were spent at the pool.  On Saturday we went down to the Aquatic Centre at Marion.  She wasn't happy, they didn't have the diving boards open, there was a swim meet in progress, and the other pool was set up for lap swimming.  She doesn't like swimming in the heated pools anymore.

On Sunday we went to the Adelaide Swimming Centre.  Here she was much happier, the diving boards were open and she could swim to her hearts content in the larger pool.  Unfortunately we couldn't spend as long here as Kahra and Darrin were flying back from Melbourne and we had offered to go and pick them up and take them home.

Yesterday was the start of the Clipsal 500.  This is a car race that goes through the streets of Adelaide, on the eastern side of the city.  It runs until Sunday.  This year should be better, it's not just Ford v Holden, Nissan and Mercedes have now got teams in it.  Tony was given tickets to go Thursday but he didn't end up going, he had too many meetings plus being the last day of the month he said it was not a good day.

Today is the official start to Mad March.  Tonight there was a free concert in Elder Park to mark the start of the Festival of Arts.  Performing, was Paul Kelly and Neil Finn (of Split Enz and Crowded House fame).  We didn't go ( their music is not our cup of tea) but we drove through the city around 9.00pm and there were people everywhere.  It was the busiest we have seen the city in a long, long time  The signs were up that the concert was full and as we drove past people were outside on the footpath, "hanging" off the was bedlam!  They were using any vantage point that they could get.

                                                                    All photos from Adelaide Now 

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  1. I have to say that your photos are great. What type of camera (and lens?) do you use? Your images are wonderfully clear and sharp day or night. I have to agree, a lot of today's music is not for me. But I suppose people said the same thing in my "hey day". lol. Pogo and I are in Florida now, and will off to the flea market in a little while. You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.