Thursday, March 21, 2013

How Fickle Is The Weather......Not Like Our Politicians?

Thursday 21st March, 2013

How can you go from 33C yesterday to 19C today?  Is it because of the Equinox heralding the beginning of Autumn? We are having showers, which I'm not complaining about, but it's windy and it feels like Winter.  Aaargh!!  

Why are we never happy with the weather?  When we reach our senior years we should be happy that we wake to enjoy another day on this wonderful earth.  Yep, I'm not going to complain anymore, I'll just enjoy each and every day from now on.  

Yeah right!!! LOL 

Now onto politics.  I don't understand a politicians thinking.  In Australia we have a Prime Minister who is Julia Gillard.  She represents the Labor Party.  Tony Abbott is the Opposition leader.  He represents the Liberal Party.  If the Liberals get into power and form government they usually join forces with the National Party to form a Coalition.

Tony Abbott, Liberal leader

It has already been announced that we are going to the polls on September 14th this year.  For several months now the Labor Party have polled dismally.  If an election were held today the Liberal Party would be elected to government with a huge majority.  Labor would be practically decimated.

Why do some of the Labor politicians keep supporting Julia Gillard?  It is quite obvious the average voter dislikes her intensely.  Yet the pollies keep supporting her.  Don't they realise that their seats are not safe and they could be out of a job as well.

Take today.  The PM announced that there would be a vote among the Labor Caucas to elect a new leader.  Everybody expected Kevin Rudd to end up being the new PM but he didn't challenge.  

About twelve months ago he tried to depose Ms Gillard but he failed.  Kevin Rudd is the voters favourite to lead the Labor Party.  She has not got all the Labor politicians supporting her as there are some who are Kevin Rudd backers.  Those who are Rudd supporters and were Ministers in Gillards' government have resigned and been sent to the backbench.

Kevin Rudd, previous Prime Minister

Back in 2007 Kevin Rudd was elected as Prime Minister of this country.  In June 2010 Julia Gillard challenged him and she won.

So, we still have Julia Gillard as the PM.  For how long I don't know.  They have now gone on holidays for the next 6-7 weeks and the rumblings will continue. Why don't the politicians go to Gillard and tell her, seeing that she is so unpopular among the voters to stand aside and let someone else take over the leadership.  

Julia Gillard, Prime Minister

Just do it, for the good of the Labor Party and for the good of government in this country.  When the Liberals get in with their vast majority we will have no effective Opposition.  Don't they say......a good government is only as good as the opposition.  If there's no opposition what hope has this country got?

A similar situation exists in South Australia.  We are governed by a Labor Party who's on the nose and when we have the State election in March 2014 the Liberals will win hands down.  Labor will lose so many seats and this state will end up with no effective Opposition either.

In the words of one commentator....."politics is a dirty, stinkin', filthy business".


  1. Hear! Hear! If we all know that politics is dirty business, how come we all don't get together and get rid of all the politicians and start over with new people? In our country, we supposedly have the right to go to the polls and vote every four years for the president. However, if you read the rules, our votes don't really count. The only votes that count are the electoral votes and they have nothing to do with our votes. So why are we voting?

    It's all so confusing and mind-boggling. We just do what we can to go along with the majority.

    You have a wonderful day. Hugs, Edna B.

    1. The trouble is Edna are the new people any better than those that are already there. In this country if you are an Australian citizen and 18 years or older then you are legally required to have your name put on the electoral roll. On polling day you have to attend a polling booth, but only to get your name crossed off the list, you DO NOT have to vote. You can mark the voting paper any way you wish. To me that is a waste of your democratic right. I vote and hope my vote helps in some small way.