Monday, March 25, 2013

Happy Birthday Tony!

Monday March 25th, 2013

Happy Birthday to my sweetheart.  I hope your day is as wonderful as you and that the year ahead is overflowing with oodles of love, laughter and happiness.  I Love You!!!

                                                          Although your channel hopping
                                            Tends to drive me to distraction

                                            Although you'd rather take a nap
                                            Than take some form of action

                                            Although you'll leave the seat up
                                            Even when I raise objection

                                           Although you'll never stop and say
                                           "Perhaps I need directions......"

                                           Although you make strange noises
                                           When I try to sleep at night

                                           Although you sometimes fail to see
                                           that I am always right

                                           Although you make me crazy
                                           With so many things you do....

                                           Not a day goes by when I know
                                           I am so glad I married you

That was written on his card that I gave him.  I can relate to just about all of it, he especially picked out the bit where it says I am always  After reading his card he wanted to know when John Sands rang and interviewed me for what I wanted printed on it.............hahahahaha


  1. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY TO TONY. I just love the poem on his birthday card. I think most of us could relate to all the things printed on it. lol. I think it's wonderful to be married for a long time and still be in love with each other. I hope his whole day was filled with love and happiness. You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.