Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A Lot Of Hoo-Haa About Nothing

Tuesday 26th March, 2013

Today saw the unveiling of the new Harris Scarfes' store in Rundle Mall.  It was rebuilt on the old Harris Scarfes site and is now known as Rundle Place, consisting of 2 floors of Harris Scarfes, a food court, Coles, 70 Specialty shops and offices.

I decided to go in and meet Tony after work and go and check it out.  What a lot of hoo-haa about nothing! But then again I suppose it is the media's and HS publicity department to talk it up seeing that shop retail sales is dwindling.  Buying online seems to be most peoples preferred way of shopping these days.

Yeah it was busy in there, a lot of nosey people like us I presume.  With Harris Scarfes having only 2 floors, all their stock and departments seemed to be piled on top of each other and it looked very cluttered. Most of the specialty shops are on the ground floor.  A new Apple store is opening later and some of the other stores were Pandora, Crabtree & Evelyn, David Lawrence, Jigsaw, La Vie En Rose, Serafina, Ted Baker and Florsheim.

Let's hope that in a few years it doesn't turn into a white elephant like the Myer Centre.

We went down to the lower ground floor to see what the food court was like.  Hmm I wonder how long some of these places will stay in business.  Will it be like the food court in David Jones?  Some of the eateries were Fasta Pasta, Salsa (mexican), Subway, Warong, The House Yum Cha, T-Bar, Rheinland Bakery, Yiros, Fresh Junction, Sushi and Tepinyaki. 

Tony and I decided to try the Mexican and so we had Nachos.  The best Nachos we've ever had was while we were in Sydney and so we seem to compare all others to them.  These weren't too bad, a bit too much tomato for my liking. 

A stage had been set up out the front of  Rundle Place and so we decided to hang around and watch the free concert.  Justice Crew and The Collective were the two acts.  Both groups were great but I loved The Collective.  These were a group of young guys that had been put together while auditioning for the X Factor last year.  They are supposed to be Australia's answer to One Direction!

Justice Crew

The Collective

Justice Crew are a hip hop band who won Australia's Got Talent last year.  Not really our kind of sound but they were good too.  Lucky for Katie and her music, at least we knew most of the songs they performed.  In between the acts they had a DJ and it was like listening to Katie's play list from the car.  Tony and I were way out of our depth with all the screaming girls, but it took me back to my day when I did the same for Normie Rowe, Johnny Farnham, and Ronnie Burns.

Now "put your hands in the air, get your hands in the air......" seemed to be the catchcry of the evening.

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  1. Your new shopping complex seems about the right size for me. I don't have the steam to make it all around the bigger malls. I hope it lasts. So many of our shopping strips and malls are sitting empty. I love your concert photos.

    Now I'm off to get a bit of work done around here. The dust bunnies are getting bigger. lol. You have a great day, hugs, Edna B.