Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Our Holiday......Last Days in Sydney

Sunday 20th January, 2013

This morning we were a little slow in getting up and moving.  I think the heat of Friday and the late night of last night had caught up with us.  It wasn't until after 10.30am that we left the motel.

Back at Circular Quay we decided to go to the Opera Kitchen and have a coffee.  Hopefully that would wake us up and get us going for the day.  Yesterday Katie had this chocolate mousse and said she had to have another one as it was Yum!

Even after the coffee it was still hard to get our butts moving. Eventually we did and as we wandered off to the bus we came across this street entertainer.  He was entertaining and so we watched his act.

When he was finished we went to catch the bus to Bondi.  When we got to the bus stop one was there waiting.  The bus was crowded......Bondi must be a popular place.

Katie knew of Bondi due to the television shows Bondi Rescue and Bondi Vet.  We have never watched these shows.

When we got there Katie couldn't wait to get into the water.  Tony was unsure first, but he soon joined her.  They appeared to be having fun in the waves.  Tony said it was so much different swimming there than what it is at an Adelaide beach.  

He said that the waves are much stronger and dump you much more easily.  The only downside was that there were these blue bottle jelly fish in the water, so he said you had to be aware of them.

I personally thought that Bondi was over rated.  It's not as big a beach as I thought and I am sure we have got better beaches here in Adelaide.  Another thing we noticed was how dirty they are.  No-one takes their rubbish with them.  There were fast food wrappers left behind, bottle tops, cigarette butts and other rubbish.

A dinky-di Aussie Surf Lifesaver

After spending a couple of hours in the water we decided to go and have something to eat.  Just as we were finishing eating an ambulance came along.  Katie got excited.  There on the beach was a film crew and it appeared they were filming a segment for Bondi Rescue.  

As they bought the "patient" (I don't know if he was really one or just an actor) up to the ambulance Katie had to run over and try and get in on the action by walking in front of the camera.....hehehehe.  She came back and said, "I am famous".

We went for a stroll along Bondi's main shopping strip before catching the bus back into the city.  When we got back to the city we decided to walk to Darling Harbour and catch the Monorail.

We did a complete loop on the Monorail.  Surprisingly Katie didn't find it much fun.  It had started to sprinkle with rain and so we took a walk to the ferry at Darling Harbour.  Didn't have to wait that long for one, but on the way back to Circular Quay it hit the wake of another boat and water came right across the top of the ferry.  Lucky we had decided to sit inside.

Back at the Quay we went and had some dinner.  We thought that we would try the cafe on the Quay. What a disappointment!  I ordered Satay Chicken described as having been marinated in coconut milk and spices.  When the waitress brought it out, it was just a chicken schnitzel cut into pieces, put on skewers with a small amount of satay sauce poured over the top. 

At least we had a good view while dining

We have been very disappointed with the food we have had.  Perhaps it's because we are spoilt in Adelaide, it has been said many times we have the freshest, cheapest and best food in the country.  

The only food we liked was the food at the Sydney Tower and the Mexican Nachos.  Plus it's very expensive.   $31.00 for a chicken schnitzel, $38.00 for a dozen oysters, $27.50 for grilled fish.  Other than the oysters these meals are only served with fries and a mixed leaf salad.

Monday we promised ourselves another trip back to the Sydney Tower.  Tuesday was my birthday and so we thought we would celebrate it a day early as tomorrow we would be leaving Sydney for Canberra.

It didn't disappoint, the only thing this time, the restaurant seemed to be revolving a bit faster.  Katie noticed it as well, as while we were eating you noticed the windows moving past your table.  Still no-one was game to try the crocodile or buffalo.

While we were eating we discussed what we were going to do after lunch.  Tony suggested we could choose one of the places we had already been to, I suggested the Art Gallery or the Museum as we hadn't been there.  No guesses for Katies suggestion.......Lunar Park.

Here was her reaction to agreeing to go back to Lunar Park......

Her reaction to my suggestion of the Museum and Art Gallery.......

When our dining time of 90 minutes was up we were well past our starting point.  It proved that the restaurant did revolve faster than last Wednesday.

With lunch finished it was back to catch a ferry across to Lunar Park.

Katie had another great afternoon.  She rode all the rides again numerous times, had a go on the sideshows.  Thank goodness the Park closed at 6.00pm today otherwise we would have been there for another 9 hours.

Knowing that this was our last night in Sydney we were all feeling a tad sad.  We went for dinner at the Opera Kitchen, again not impressed with the food served and then took the ferry back to Manly.

Once back at the motel we had to start packing up our belongings and organising clothes and suitcases for the next few days.

Katie didn't want to go home.  She said that her wish was to bring all her family and friends and to live in Sydney.  She said that when she's older she's going to come back with her friend Maddie and she will work at Lunar Park, (no surprise there), work at Sydney Tower and at the Zoo.


  1. Have I said yet that you are the best grandparents ever??

    1. Thanks Kath. As she is our only grandchild she is very special to us and we have as much fun as what she does. She keeps us young!!!