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Our Holiday.......Finally In Sydney

Wednesday 16th January, 2013

This morning we woke up early and were eager to get on our way but first we had to have breakfast.  The motel provided a buffet breakfast consisting of cereals, toast, jams and marmalades, fresh fruit, yoghurt, eggs, bacon, sausages, tomatoes, mushrooms, baked beans, pancakes, potato gems, juices and tea and coffee.  We ate breakfast every morning while we were there.

A bus stop was just across the road from the motel and so we caught the bus into Manly and to the wharf.  We then caught the Manly ferry into Sydney.  What a way to travel to work each day, it is so relaxing.  I could easily get used to this life.  The ferry takes around 30 minutes to get to Circular Quay.

Each day is so different, with different boats on the harbour, fishing boats, pleasure boats, yachts, cruise liners, navy vessels, so the view is never boring and who can ever tire of this as you round the bend..........

Katie had tears in her eyes when she saw this view.  

Manly ferries are the larger ferries on the Harbour.  One of the ferries we caught was named the Collaroy, the others were called Narrabeen, Freshwater and Queenscliff. We rode on them all. We also caught the Lady Northcott for one trip but this ferry was a bit smaller and a lot noisier.

They also have the fast ferries but we didn't catch any of these.  We preferred the leisurely pace of the ferry.

As we passed by Sydney Heads the ferry would get quite a rocking movement.  They say in wild weather the ferries get  tossed about.  Tony and I experienced a milder version of wild weather when we were in Sydney 4 years ago.  Let's say I was not impressed.

Sydney Heads.....goes out to the open sea

We arrived at Circular Quay and decided to catch a bus into the city and to have a look around, to get our bearings so to speak.  We went to the bus information booth and was told the best way was to catch the free bus which would take us on a city loop.

We did two circuits of the city and as we wanted to go to the Sydney Tower the bus driver dropped us off at the right place to get there.

We found the Tower and they were offering a buffet lunch in the revolving restaurant.  Katie could eat for free.  We decided we would like to try it and so we booked for lunch.  Wow what a view!  The food was also very nice but none of us were game to try the crocodile or buffalo.  Katie and Tony enjoyed the kangaroo, but I am not partial to eating Skippy.

We had 90 minutes dining time and the restaurant revolved once during that time.  The views were outstanding. The tower is some 80 floors high. The only downside was that there was no commentary or someone to point out the various landmarks.

We enjoyed it so much we decided to come back and do it all again on Monday.

After lunch Katie wanted to go and have a look in the shops.  She soon got sick of it as the shops are the same as what we have in Adelaide.  Instead we thought we would catch a bus to Kings Cross.  We caught the free bus back to Circular Quay and found a bus that would take us to Kings Cross.

In Adelaide she calls Hindley Street the "naughty street", I told her that this was Sydney's naughty street.  We walked the length of it to as far as El Alamein fountain and walked back to where we caught the bus again.  It is not a place I would go to when it gets dark.  I felt uneasy walking it in broad daylight. Ya never know who could come running out of one of the buildings firing a gun.

By now it was getting on for 7.00pm and so we caught the ferry back to Manly.  Seeing we were still so full from lunch dinner tonight was a salad roll.  

Once back at the wharf we waited for the bus to go back to the motel.  One thing we noticed here......the bus stops don't have any numbers.  How do you know when to get off at your stop?  We told the bus driver we wanted to get off at the Travelodge and he practically dropped us at the front door.  The other bus drivers weren't so nice, but eventually we worked out where we had to get off and then it was just a short walk to the motel.

Back at the motel we just flopped into bed.  Katie was looking forward to Thursday, I wasn't because I knew what was in store........walking and lots of it.

Geez Thursday morning came around too quick, it felt as if we had just gone to bed.  After our breakfast, the bus and ferry we were once again at Circular Quay.  Today we were going to Taronga Park Zoo.  We got off the Manly ferry and had to catch another ferry across to the Zoo.  This ferry ride was only about 12 minutes.

When we got to the other side and disembarked from the ferry I felt a little queasy.  I could hardly legs felt like sea legs and my head was spinning.  I didn't think that the ride over was rough but the pontoon that they call the wharf was really rocking and rolling.  I had to sit for a while until I got used to the rocking motion.  After a few minutes I felt better and we were on our way.

I have never been a boat person.  I don't really like being on the water.  The ferry to catch to go across to the Zoo was a lot smaller than the Manly ferry, so perhaps it doesn't ride the waves as well.

We caught the bus around to the front entrance to the Zoo.  Seeing the Zoo is built into the cliff face walking around it is difficult.  It is uphill and down dale and with the temperatures hovering in the mid 30's it wasn't the easiest of places to be walking around in.

Still we enjoyed it and I got to see what I came for........the elephants. 

Katie got to hold a snake which she was so excited about and we watched the Seals perform.  

We also spent ages just sitting and watching the gorillas.  We also saw the Komodo dragon plus numerous other exhibits, most of which we can see either at the Adelaide Zoo or Monarto.

Komodo dragon

Late in the day we came across a water park that the kids could splash around in.  Katie did not need any prompting.....she had her socks and shoes off so fast.

Just before we left the Zoo Katie and Tony took a ride on the Sky Safari.  It took them over some of the animal exhibits and you could also get off at the other end to catch the ferry.  They did a round trip as I didn't go on it.

Back on the bus to go down to the wharf, and onto the ferry.  When we got back to Circular Quay we caught the ferry back to Manly as Katie wanted to go back to Mex & Co for dinner and some more Nachos.  After dinner we decided to get the ferry back to Sydney to see the city lights.

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  1. Still, the animals at Taronga zoo probably have the best view in the world!