Monday, January 7, 2013

In The Midst Of A Heatwave

Monday 7th January, 2012

The heatwave continues.  Last Friday the temperature soared past 45C,  It was one of the four hottest days on record here in Adelaide.

Over the weekend it cooled down a little.  Saturday the temp was around 34C and Sunday it got to 36C.  Today the temperature got up to 41.7C but thankfully by Wednesday the temp will go down to 27 before it starts to get back up into the 30's again.

Next Sunday we are taking Katie to Sydney and Canberra and all the places in between for a fortnight.  I'm not looking forward to driving across the Hay plains as it can get quite hot there.  Let's hope the weather has cooled down sufficiently for us.

On Saturday we had shopping to do and then called in to Robyn and Bobs.  Tony was going to give their solar panels a clean.  Bob had tried to do it a few weeks ago but fell off the ladder.  He ended up cutting his head open and had to have stitches.  He was lucky that he didn't do himself serious injury.  We ended up going out for dinner as they had some Split the Bill vouchers.  

This time we tried the West Thebarton was alright.   After eating we went to Largs for an icecream.  It was really cool down by the beach which was a welcome relief from the days' heat.


When we parked the car in the hotel car park we noticed this house across the laneway with a fountain on the front wall.  I commented that it was an unusual place to have a fountain.  When we left the hotel it was going on dusk and we noticed the red light.  Surely not!!!

On Sunday we got organised for the holiday, sorting out our clothes we wanted to take.  Tony got the lawn mowed and organised for Wayne, a neighbour, to keep an eye on the house while we are away.  In the evening, once it cooled down a little, he too got on the roof and cleaned our solar panels. 

Ours are much harder to do than Bobs, because of the pitch of our roof, and with the water running back down the roof it made the roof slippery.  I would rather pay someone to come in and clean them.

The country is once again burning with several bushfires in different regions.  Tasmania, so far has suffered the worst with a small town of Dunalley practically being wiped out.

There are also fires burning in parts of New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland and Northern Territory.  So far,  South Australia has been spared.


  1. We left Adelaide on the 44C today, only to arrive back in Geneva to -2C!

  2. I hope the weather levels to a comfortable range for your vacation. I pray that the fires will soon be out and that you stay safe from them.

    I loved the photo with the red light. Such a quiet and unassuming looking little place. lol. You have a great night, hugs, Edna B.