Friday, January 4, 2013

I Knew It!

Friday 4th January, 2012

After we left the hospital yesterday evening and dropped Dianne back home, we had to go to the supermarket to get some milk and bread.

While there we noticed these...........HOT CROSS BUNS!!!

Christmas was just over a week ago, the New Year is 3 days old and here we have Easter products on the shelves.  It won't be long before the Easter Eggs are out.  The only reason that they're not now is because of the's too hot!  I also noticed that they have quite a bit of Christmas stock left which they have heavily discounted to try and get rid of.

C'mon retailers, give us a break.  Easter is still some 12 weeks away.  No-one's thinking about chocolate, eggs, or easter bunny now......we're all trying to stay cool!!!!

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