Thursday, January 3, 2013

A Phone Call I Don't Want Too Often!

Thursday 3rd January, 2013

Today they forecast the temp to be somewhere near 39 but I think it will get into the 40' was already warm at 9.30am this morning......34C.

I had arranged to go out for lunch with Dianne today.  We still thought that we would go even though it was going to be hot.  I picked her up and we went to the Plaza.  It was busy.  Everyone was out and in shopping malls to get away from the heat I think.   A lot of the older folk don't turn on their air conditioners at home when it's hot because they are scared of the electricity costs and so they go and sit in the shopping centres.  The cool there is free!

We had just finished lunch and my mobile rang.  When I looked at it it was a call from Tony's boss, Peter.  My heart sank.  He had rung to inform me that they had to call an ambulance for Tony and he had been taken to the Royal Adelaide Hospital.  He said that Tony was dizzy, feeling nauseous and had tingles up his arms.

Dianne said that she would come with me to the hospital and so we went straight in.  When we got there we were allowed in to see him.  He was hooked up to a heart monitor, but that was reading fine, and he had a drip.  They had taken blood samples and were waiting for the results.  Tony said that they mentioned something about Vertigo.

The nurses came in several times while we were there to take his blood pressure and temperature.  Even the ambulance officer that tended to him at work came in to see how he was feeling.  Around 5.00pm the nurse came in and said that once his drip had finished, they would check to see if he was walking OK and if so he could go home.

The Doctor came in and said that he had an inner ear infection which caused him to lose his balance and such.  His blood tests were all good.  He walked normal and so was allowed to go.  We left the hospital around 6.45pm after Tony had something to eat.  He hadn't eaten much all day and was feeling hungry.

He rang Peter to let him know what was the cause and that he was going home and so Peter gave him Friday off.  Just as well......the predicted forecast for tomorrow is 44C (111.2F).

Jeez, I never want to get too many of these type of phone calls.  I am so thankful Dianne was with me, she kept me calm.  Thanks Dianne!!!

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  1. Gosh, I hope by now that Tony is feeling much better. I agree that these are the scary calls that we certainly don't need too many of.

    Wow, I don't think I could manage too well in those temps that you are having. Is it also quite muggy with the heat? For me, it's the mugginess that knocks me down. We don't usually get temps that high here. Of course, with the climate changes, we just might one of these days. If I could, I would send a bit of our cooler winds your way.

    You have a great night, hugs, Edna B.