Monday, December 17, 2012

Wanted: More Hours In The Day

Monday 17th December, 2012

I am needing more hours in a day to get what I want done before Christmas.  

The rains didn't come last Thursday but on Friday morning we got some steady rain which lasted for about 4 hours.  It was great for the garden.  When the sun came out in the afternoon it became hot and muggy.  After going to have my nails done I went into town to wait for Tony.  He had to work back as the electrical contractors were replacing lights and he had to take some light readings.

While he was still busy I went off and did some browsing in the shops.....trying to get in the Christmas mood!   When he was finished we went off and had some dinner.  On Saturday he had to go back into work again to take more light readings with the new light fittings in.  I ended up catching the bus into the city and met him.  We went off and had a look at some stone guards for the car.

The Carousel is back in Rundle Mall

I can't believe what they are saying in regard to our weather forecast.  On Saturday night I read on the website where they are predicting 39C for Sunday, 43C for Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day dropping down to 26C with a few showers.  I know that 10 days out is too early for a weather forecast so I am praying really hard for the weather to change. 

On Sunday I slept in.  Tony came in and woke me up around 10.30am.  In the afternoon we went to get some more cherries.  It was the busiest I have ever seen the cherry place, people were everywhere.

What the mechanical harvester misses the cherries are picked by hand

This morning I had to take the car into City Mazda for its service.  I caught the tram into the city and wandered around until it was time to meet Tony to go back and collect the car.

The weatherman is still saying that Sunday will be 39C but there has been a reprieve for Monday........26C  with showers.
That sounds better, no word yet on Christmas Day but hopefully it will be nice.

Now that I'm home I am totally exhausted.  I have lots to do but am too tired to do it.  Tomorrow is another day! 


  1. I love the carousel. It brings fond memories of when I was younger. The carousel was my favorite ride at the amusement park.

    I hope your weather cools down for Christmas. Somehow it always seems more Christmasy when it is cool. You have a nice day, hugs, Edna B.

    1. We are used to hot weather at Christmas time, but I still don't like it too hot. When I was a child we had a wood stove and Mum would cook the turkey with all the trimmings for dinner. The kitchen would get really hot. No air conditioning back then,just a fan.

      The last 10-15 years turtkey is off the menu for a lot of people and seafood has taken over. A lot of people spend the day at the beach when it is really hot or at the park.

      They have revised the weather thank goodness. 26C and showers for Christmas Eve and 26C and sunny for Christmas Day. Perfect weather!!! But that can change.....we are still 7 days away.

      Hope you are having a better day than the other day with the Mrs. Take care and thanks for visiting.

      Judy xx