Monday, December 10, 2012

Strawberry Pickin'

Sunday 9th December, 2012

Where did this past week go?  One day it's Monday, the next Friday is upon us..  I don't know what happened to Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  Crikey, Christmas will have come and gone and I'll have missed it at the rate the days are flying by.

On Friday I met Dianne for lunch and a bit of last minute Christmas shopping.  After dropping her off home I went into town and met Tony.  We went off to do some more Christmas shopping.  It had been a fairly hot day and had not cooled down any towards evening.  Not being able to find what we wanted we decided to give it a miss and try again in the morning.  We ended up at Henley Beach again for coffee and some more of that Passionfruit Torte.   Mmm mmm!!!!

While driving around we have noticed that there doesn't seem to be as many houses with Christmas decorations like there has been in previous years.  I think because our electricity prices have risen so much, people can't afford to light their houses up.  A lot of people are having their power disconnected because they can't afford to pay these higher costs.  Thank goodness we have solar panels which have kept our costs down.

We did come across a couple of places, but they weren't  private houses.  One was a tree in a park and the other place was some sort of business.

On Saturday morning we went off to see if we could find what we were looking for the previous night.  We were in luck and so there should be one happy girl come Christmas morning.

After stopping to have some lunch we headed for  Beerenberg, just outside of Hahndorf.  Here, you can go and pick your own strawberries.  We eat as many as we pick, Tony calls it the taste test.

After we had eaten our fill and picked some strawberries to take home we went off to Mt Barker.  We went and saw the James Bond movie "Skyfall".  I'm not a 007 fan but apart from a slow moment in the movie where I fell asleep and then felt Tony nudge me, cos he said I was starting to snore, (yeah right! lol) the movie was pretty good.  It was a typical James Bond movie, plenty of action when things got going.

The movie finished close to 6.30pm and so we thought we would go to Hahndorf Pizza for dinner.  Sadly they have closed down, they only won the award for best pizza in SA a few months back. 

Instead we decided to go to Two Wells and get a pizza from there.  The one we had from there previously was nice and so we thought we would try them again.  This time we didn't enjoy it so much, we think we ordered the wrong one.  Not to worry, we ate it!

From home to Hahndorf,  to Mt Barker and then to Two Wells and back home again we travelled around 160 kilometres. 

Today has been spent sweeping and vacuuming around the back and watering the plants.  Tony got on the roof again and had another look at our air conditioner.  It doesn't seem to be working properly and so he thinks we may have to get some new pads for it.  He took the old ones off and gave them a good hosing down.  Now it's just wait and see for when we get some really hot weather to see if that has helped.

When we finished cleaning up out the back we went to Bunnings, a hardware store.  We ended up buying some lights to put up under the patio.  These are solar ones but they don't work.  Now I have to go and meet Tony tomorrow after work and go and see if we can get these changed over.


  1. Ah yes, picking your own at Beerenberg. They taste so much sweeter when still warm from the sun, don't they?

  2. I like your Christmas lights. We still have a lot of folks around here decorating the outside of their homes and their yards. It really is quite pretty.

    Those strawberries look scrumptious! Oh, yummy! Wouldn't they be tasty with some shortcake and whipped cream? Mmmm.

    I just have a couple of small things to pick up to be finished with my shopping. I'll take care of them this week. Then I can sit back and enjoy the rest of the season.

    Now it's time to get a few things done around here. You have a great day, hugs, Edna B.