Monday, December 3, 2012

Christmas Sparkle Is Still In Her Eyes!

Monday 3rd December, 2012

December is here and Christmas is just 3 weeks away.

The last week of November was a hot one, the weather started off in the low 30's but by Thursday it had got to near 40C.  Late Thursday afternoon we had thunderstorms and a bit of rain which made things more steamy and Friday was unbearable. Now, I normally love the humid weather but on Friday it was so hot with high humidity.  Thank goodness a cool change came in overnight and Saturday was back to perfect weather again.

On Friday we met up with Katie.  After leaving Kahra we headed off back into the city and to the Magic Cave.  Katie was still excited to be going to see Father Christmas.  "What will I ask him for Nanna?" she asked.  "Well what would you like?" I replied.  She started off wanting a bike, iPad, trampoline, lego and on and on.  "How about asking him for a trampoline," I said.  "OK, I do really want one," she said "and I'll ask him for some lego too". 

With that sorted it was soon our turn to go and see him.  She just loves going in to see him and they have a quite a nice chat together.  This year she told him how Ella didn't like Santa and had put a sign on her bedroom door, No Father Christmas!

After we had finished there we went off to have something to eat.  Then she asked to go and see the one at Myers.  Oh dear, she had forgotten to ask him for something!  So off we went to see Myer's Father Christmas.

By now it was getting close to 9pm and it was still very warm outside.  We decided to go down to Henley Beach and get a coffee.  Maybe there would be a cool breeze down there.  No, it was just as warm but we did get a few sprinkles of rain.

On Saturday I had a scrapbook class to go to.  Katie was upset that she couldn't come to and so Tony asked her to help decorate the Christmas tree while I was gone.  She was happy to do that.

When I got back Katie and Tony had done a wonderful job with the tree.  We decided to take her down to the Beachhouse so that she could go on the water slides, the boats and the bumper cars.  It wasn't warm enough to go swimming at the pool.  "Yes! I haven't been to the Beachhouse for ages", she cried. 

After spending a couple of hours there we went and had Mexican for dinner.  Katie had Nachos, Tony and I had Chicken Vegie Bowls.  Yum!  For dessert we shared Churro chips with a hot chocolate dipping sauce.  Katie made sure she licked the sauce bowl clean!

On Sunday we went and had a look at the new Harvey Norman Big Buys store.  They sell everything that they don't sell in their normal Harvey Norman stores like, nursery furniture, toys, camping goods, kitchenware, fitness equipment and musical instruments.  Katie found the trampoline that she would like and also has next years Christmas present worked out.........a set of drums!

She also fell in love with this mini Ducati motor cycle.  Thank goodness she was too old for it!

From here we went to Gumeracha and to the Cherry Shed.  Yes....we were in luck, they had cherries.  We had coffee and scones and then came back into the city.  A 1D (One Direction) store had opened in King William Street and Katie wanted to go and have a look.  This band of 5 young boys are to this generation what the Beatles were to my generation.  She was in 1D heaven.  I bought her a couple of Tshirts (for Christmas) and she was over the moon.  The store is only open until the 6th January.

Now it was time to go and meet Kahra.  Unfortunately we can't go to her Christmas concert this year.  It is being held this Thursday but Tony has a Christmas function he is going to.  Oh well maybe next year!

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  1. I think you win the prize for being the coolest grandparents ever!