Monday, December 31, 2012

A Birthday To Celebrate

Thursday 27th December, 2012

Happy Birthday Bob!  This evening we went out for dinner with Robyn and Bob.  We ended up going to The Boathouse at Taperoo.  

I don't normally have steak when we go out, usually because it's never cooked to my liking.  I like my meat to be well done (dead), and this is one place that does cook it to my liking and it's so tender.  Tony and I had the sizzling steak, Robyn and Bob had a steak each.

Yesterday was Boxing Day.  We had to go out and get some ink for the printer so that I could print out the rest of the calendars.  Our usual place to go, Office Works, was not open.  We ended up going into the city and to Harvey Norman.  

It was the first time ever that the shops, in the city, had been open on Boxing Day and the people went there in droves.  They estimated some 125,000 shoppers went and spent their money on the stocktake sales.   The only other shops that were allowed to open were at Glenelg and Harbortown.  

We only went to Harvey Norman, we didn't venture into Rundle Mall.  I have never seen so many people in Harvey Norman and the lineup for the cash registers went from the front of the store all the way to the back. We were in line for some 25 minutes, thank goodness we had a friendly guy in front of us in the line who was chatty which helped pass the time.

Shoppers in Rundle Mall
                                                                                          photo from Adelaide Now website

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