Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Wednesday 12th December, 2012

I had to write something today because of today's date, 12/12/12.  This will be the last time most of us will ever see a date like this.  The next time where a date, month and year are the same will be in 88 years time.....on 01/01/2101.

We went and bought some more lights to replace those that we bought on Sunday.  Tony changed them over last night and guess what, there was nothing wrong with the original ones.  Hehehehehe.  The problem with them was that one of the lights had come out of the little socket that they sit in, consequently not allowing the other lights to function.  Once it was pushed back in they worked!

We decided to keep them rather than take them back.  While playing around with  the lights Tony also fixed up some of the solar ones I have in the garden.  We need to get some new rechargeable batteries for the others that don't work.

Today has been very hot, I think the temperature got up to somewhere around 40C.  At the moment a thunderstorm is building up, there is lots of thunder and lightning has already started some grass fires.

I think our weather is changing here.  I can't remember us having so many "tropical" days of high humidity and thunderstorms.  Adelaide used to have more of the "dry" heat.  I don't mind the humid weather, especially when the sun isn't out.  

Nothing came of the thunderstorms where we live although a few kilometres up the road they had some heavy rain and flooding.  The weather bureau put out a wild weather alert but that has now been cancelled.

Tomorrow they are forecasting for more of the same.  All I wanna see is some rain.  We will just have to wait and see if we get any.


  1. I completely forgot about 12/12/12 until I logged onto Facebook. Had a sick daughter at home, a friend coming over for lunch and then a dinner party to throw together....

    40C? It's -6C here today!

    1. Hope your daughter is feeling better. Brrrr -6C, I don't think I can comprehend just how cold that is. Stay warm!

      Much prefer our weather lol. No rain yesterday, today's temp 29C with rain forecast again this arvo.

  2. Your lights look wonderful. We don't have any outdoor decorations up this year. Maybe next year.

    You're right about the changing weather. I guess it has to do with climate control. Man has messed with the atmosphere for so long, and now sad to say, things are changing and we're not sure that we like it.

    I hope you get your rain. We have four days of it coming up. I'm at work, so gotta go. You have a wonderful day. Hugs, Edna B.