Saturday, November 10, 2012

That Man In The Red Suit Comes Calling.......Again!

Saturday 10th November, 2012

Last night Tony had a Christmas function to attend.  In the meantime I had organised to pick Taylor up as she was staying the night so that she could come to the Christmas Pageant with us.  Late yesterday afternoon I got a phone call from Tanecia asking if she could come to.  Why not, more the merrier don't they say.

After picking them up I went into town to wait for Tony.  We were also picking up Katie but firstly she was having her grading done for Karate.  Kahra didn't know what time that was going to finish.  

Once we got into town the girls and I went off to have something to eat.  Tony rang shortly after to say he had finished at his function and so he met us.  We hung around in the city for awhile and then decided to go to Villi's to wait for Kahra.  She had rung to say that Karate was finished and that they were on their way.

After getting Katie we headed for home and straight to bed.  It was later than I wanted to be home as we had to be up early in the morning.  The roads were being closed off at 7.00 am and we wanted to park the car at Tony's work.

Tony set the alarm for 5.00 am (ugh!).  We woke the girls up after we had had our showers and were ready to leave by 6.00 am. 

We set up our spot where we were going to watch the Pageant from and the girls and I went off to Maccas to get us some breakfast. After eating Tony and I took a walk to get a paper and some chalk for the girls to "decorate" the road with.  The worst part is the waiting around.  You have to get into town so early to get a good possie and that usually means around 6.30 - 7.00am.  The Pageant starts on South Terrace at 9.30 am winding its way through the streets and depending on where you sit  it takes about 20-30 minutes to get to where you are. 

It was all over by 11.15 am.  All the kids were super excited to see that Father Christmas had arrived safely in town.  It got to be quite warm sitting in the sun, we all got a good dose of vitamin D this morning.

This year the Pageant was 80 years old.  The floats consisted of some old favourites, new ones and some that they brought out of storage. There were 63 floats, various bands, dancing girls and choirs. Most of the participants in the Pageant are employees and their children of the various Credit Unions along with some celebrities.  The crowd was estimated to be around 350,000 that lined the 3 kilometre route.

The girls weren't staying with us for the remainder of the weekend.  They both had separate birthday parties to go to.  We dropped Katie off back to Kahra and Taylor and Tanecia back home.  Tony and I went off to do some shopping and when we got back home we both fell asleep.

Hmmmm I wonder how the girls are doing?  Not much sleep last night, up early this morning and then partying.  They won't be too long out of bed tonight, I bet!

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  1. Oh, I love the parade photos! The photo with Santa and his reindeer is wonderful. Our Santa doesn't bring his reindeer to our parade. Gosh, Christmas is almost here. I have no idea where the whole year has gone! You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.