Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Royalty Hits Town

Wednesday 7th November, 2012

Today, this fair city was honoured with the presence of Prince Charles, Prince of Wales and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall albeit if only for a few hours.

Their first port of call was Kilkenny Primary school.  What a thrill it would have been for the children there.  Going by the photos even Prince Charles looked as if he was enjoying his time with them.  This school is one of many schools throughout the state who are into the Kitchen Garden for Schools program.  This is where the children grow their own vegies and fruit and then learn how to prepare and cook them in the school's kitchen.

From here the royal entourage went onto Penfolds Estate at Magill where they had a tasting of a rare 1962 Coonawarra Cabernet Kalimna Shiraz.  Peter Gago, the winemaker, said he was surprised that they actually sipped the wine.........he thought that they may have just swirled it around in the glass and maybe had a sniff.   

Back into the city for a meet and greet with the public along the banks of the Torrens.  One spectator gave the Prince a packet of Tim Tams.......who can resist eating a Tim Tam?  Not even a Prince!!

After meeting with some industry leaders it was onto a Garden Party at Government House.  Around 6.30 pm they flew back to Melbourne.

Yesterday in the United States of America, the Americans went to the polls to elect a new President.  They had to choose between Mitt Romney for the Republicans and Barack Obama for the Democrats.

I don't understand the voting system in America, apparently it's not compulsory to vote like it is here in Australia, but Barack Obama was re-elected for a second term.  

Actually it's not really compulsory to vote here, however it is compulsory to attend a polling booth and have your name crossed off the electoral roll.  What you do with the voting papers is up to can vote, leave them blank or let the government know that you're not happy with what they're doing by writing messages on them.

Apparently many Americans tweeted that if Obama got in they were going to move to Australia to live.   Let's hope Obama can at least show he can turn their economy around.

He's got four years to work on it.  Good Luck!!!

                                                           Photos taken from Adelaide Now website

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  1. Penfolds Magill, Tim Tams and koalas - perfection!