Sunday, November 18, 2012

Perfect Weather For Gardening

Sunday 18th November, 2012

The weekend has come and gone and for us it has been a productive one.  The whole weekend was spent outside......gardening.  The weather was perfect for spending some time in the garden, temperatures of 23-24C although I did get a bit sunburnt today.

Tony got on the roof to clean out the air conditioner as we have some rather warm weather forecast for Tuesday, they are saying the temperature could get to 36C.

While on the roof he took some photos of the area and the Gulf.

Last night we went to fill the water bottles and on the way we called into the Port to watch the fireworks.  Hundreds of people had gathered on the River bank and wharf to watch them.  Earlier in the evening they had their Christmas Pageant but we didn't go.

After we had finished in the garden this afternoon I needed to go to the shops to get some meat and vegies.  I decided not to go shopping tomorrow.  Firstly we went for a drive and came across a street with these magnificent Jacarandas lining the road.  Apparently it is a sign that Christmas is just around the corner once these trees start flowering.  Beautiful trees, but what a mess they make when the flowers start to fall.

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