Monday, November 5, 2012

Partying And Swimming

Monday 5th November, 2012

On Friday night when we picked Katie up she wanted to know what we were having for dinner as she was hungry.  She said that she hadn't eaten anything after school and was starving.  We decided to go to our favourite place and have Chinese for dinner.  Katie was happy to have it too.

After doing a quick grocery shop we headed off to Murray Bridge.  I have never seen her eat as much chinese food as she did that night.   Jeez, she must have been hungry! At one stage she asked for chopsticks.  A lady sitting at the table next to us could see she had no idea how to use them and so came over and showed her.  She said that she had lived in Asia for many years.  Katie said it was the best Chinese food ever.

Saturday was a fairly quiet day. Saturday night we went to Jodi's place.  They were having a Halloween Party.   I tried to make some jelly worms (they didn't set in time) and so I made some Witches Fingers. Katie had a great time helping me, painting the finger nails (almonds) and rolling out the dough into fingers.  We made them a bit too fat though, but they were a big hit at the party.

Witches fingers  -  rejects

Jelly worms

Katie ended up sleeping the night at Jodi's.  Taylor was having a couple of her school friends staying over, plus a couple of cousins and so Jodi asked Katie if she would like to stay as well.  She was excited to be sleeping there.

Tony and I went and picked her up around 10.00 am on Sunday morning.  We brought Tanecia back with us as we had planned to go swimming and she said she would like to come too.  Taylor was a bit upset she wasn't coming with us but her friends were still there and weren't being picked up until later on in the afternoon.. 

It ended up being quite hot on Sunday.  The temperature in the car was showing 36C.  Even sitting in the swimming centre it was hot and humid.  Katie kept coming over and wetting me to cool me down.  She couldn't wait for Tanecia to watch her jumping off the diving boards.  

Tanecia had never jumped from a diving board but after watching Katie do it, it wasn't long before she herself was jumping from the springboard.  She didn't attempt a jump from the 5 metre board, but when they closed that one and opened the 3m board she did jump from that.  Way to go Necia!

We left the swimming centre around 5.30pm.  Kahra met us at the pool to get Katie and after we dropped Tanecia back home Tony and I just flopped.  It was still very hot.  I am not looking forward to summer.  

This morning when I woke up it was still hot and muggy.  They were forecasting thunderstorms.  All day these thunderstorms had been building until finally around 4.30pm they struck.  We have had some brilliant light shows from the lightning but there hasn't been that much rain.  Thousands of people are without power, we've just had the lights flicker a few times but thankfully we rarely have power outages here.

Wish it would rain just to cool things down.  *** It's just after 7.00 pm and a heavy shower has just come through and so I've opened up the house to cool it down.  It didn't last for very long, let's hope we get more of the same.

It's now 10.00 pm  and we got a couple more showers of rain,  the house has cooled down and so that should make for some good sleeping tonight.  The thunder and lightning has passed and we still have power.   

Life's good!!!


  1. As a born and bred Murray Bridge girl, seeing 'The Oriental Garden' was a blast from the past. I don't think the decor has changed since the 70s!

    1. LOL....but the food is pretty good, much better than anywhere down here in town. Well worth the trip up there for Chinese!!