Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Oh, What A Night!

Wednesday 31st October, 2012

Yes, it's Halloween but the title of this post has nothing to do with that.  Tony, Robyn, Bob and I went to the Festival Theatre tonight to see "Jersey Boys".  It is the musical stage show of Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons.

After meeting up with Tony in town we decided to go to the Casino for dinner.  We were lucky enough to get a table in the Pullman Restaurant for their buffet.  We stuffed ourselves with soup, prawns, mussels, jambalaya, sweet and sour pork, battered fish, roast beef , roast pork, curry beef, curry chicken, rice, salads and vegetables and then dessert, chocolate mousse, cheeesecakes, lemon meringue, fruit salad, pavlova, apple crumble and a to die for banana cake pudding and custard.  We could have had cheese and nuts to finish but opted not to.  (BTW we didn't eat all of that, it was just some of the selection from the buffet)

After eating we "waddled" off to the theatre.  Much has been written and said about this show and so we were all a little bit excited to be finally going to see it.  It DID NOT was AMAZING!!!

The show was fast paced, very slick and much more singing than I imagined it would have.  Songs like Sherry, Walk like a Man, Big Girls Don't Cry, Opus 17, Dawn, My Eyes Adored You, Let's Hang On, Working My Way Back To You, Rag Doll,   Big Man In Town and the list goes on and on and on.........

The guy who played Frankie Valli was does he sing in the falsetto voice?  At times you would've sworn it was Frankie Valli himself on stage.  The other actor that was a standout was the guy who played Bob Gaudio.

It's not really fair just to mention these two characters......the whole cast was OUTSTANDING!!  We didn't want the show to finish and when it did, I wanted it to start all over again.  Going by the cheers and applause at the end I think the whole theatre (which was packed) felt the same.

Four Seasons * Four voices * Four decades * What more can you say!

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  1. Oh this sounds like such a fabulous show. Those songs are from my younger days, and I still love them. I think it's wonderful that the younger generations are loving the music too. Hope your weekend is great, hugs, Edna B.