Friday, October 5, 2012

Murray Bridge Is The Only Place To Go For Chinese!

Friday 5th October, 2012

Not really knowing what we wanted for dinner tonight we again decided on Chinese.  After having met Tony, done some shopping and going to have a coffee it was too late to head to Murray Bridge.

Many people had asked us whether we had tried the Red Dragon Chinese Restaurant at Munno Para, and so here was our opportunity to give it a go.  When we got there the place was crowded, both eating in and for take away.  That must be a good sign!   

They showed us to a table.  We ordered Braised King Prawn and Cashew Nuts, Curried Chicken,. Crispy Beef and a Special Fried Rice.

Sorry to say, the food was not as nice as what we have at Murray Bridge.  It just didn't have that nice Chinese flavour.  The rice was cold and lumpy and the curry was way too hot (flavour wise).  They said that what we couldn't eat we could take home, but we didn't even bother doing that.  Comparitively the price was about the same.

Looks like it's still a trip to Murray Bridge for Chinese!

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