Sunday, October 28, 2012

Icecream, Pizza And A Golden Sunset

Sunday 28th October, 2012

Another week has passed uneventfully.  This weekends arrangements were thrown out the window.  We were going to have Katie again as Kahra and Darrin were going to go motor bike riding on Sunday.  Seeing it was the Australian Moto GP they decided not to go riding, instead deciding to stay home and watch the motor bike racing on TV.

So, Tony and I had a free weekend.  What did we get up to......not much.  Tony had to go into work for a few hours on Saturday morning.  I started to catch up on some housework and washing.  This morning Tony scrubbed the shower for me and helped clean the windows.  

The weather out was beautiful and so mid afternoon we decided to go out for a drive.  We headed off to the beach and an icecream.  Lots of people were also out and about and some had even ventured into the water.  I didn't think it was that warm for that.  The windsurfers were out again but not having much success......the breeze was very light.

From Largs we drove along the coast and ended up down at Seacliff.  We didn't realise Brighton was such a bustling little seaside suburb, nearly as busy as Semaphore or Glenelg.  Have bookmarked it to go back and explore it a little more.

We ended up back at West Beach and got pizza for tea.  Took it to the beach and ate it and seeing it was getting close to sunset we decided to drive back to Largs and watch the sun go down.  It cast a beautiful golden glow.

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  1. The beach photos make me miss the season that has just gone by here. I love going to the ocean. What a beautiful sunset. 'Twas a super way to end a nice day. I'm at work, but getting ready to head on home soon. You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.