Monday, October 22, 2012

Birthday Celebrations!

Monday 22nd October, 2012

Life has been plodding on as normal.  The weather has been at sixes and sevens, warm for a couple of days and then it cools down again.  At the moment we are in a warm spell but towards the end of the week the temps will be back down in the teens again with rain.

On Saturday we went out for lunch at the Watermark Hotel, Glenelg to celebrate Tanecia's 15th and Dianne's 60th birthdays. We picked Katie up earlier in the morning.  During lunch, the girls, Katie and Taylor, schemed to have Taylor come over and spend Saturday night.   I wasn't too keen after the last time Taylor came over, but I weakened.

Happy 15th birthday Tanecia!

This time they weren't too bad.....they just had a little tiff but thankfully soon got over it.  On Sunday morning we took them to the park to have some photos taken.  I had bought Katie a witches costume and wanted some photos of her in it.  Taylor wore an old outfit I had here.  

They decided to paint their faces......

We called into Ingle Farm shopping centre to have some lunch.  This is where I had arranged to meet Jodi to drop Taylor off as they were going to another birthday party in the afternoon.  After we left them Katie and Tony decided to go go-kart racing again.  She also wanted to go into Laser zone.

It was a great afternoon, Katie can't wait until she turns 12 so that she drive the go-karts by herself.  Still, she said that Poppa drove them really fast and she loved that.  Tony didn't do the Laser thing with her, she went off and did it by herself, the first game she won , the second game she came third. 

On the way to drop Katie off we drove along the beach.  It was windy and cool and we watched the windsurfers for awhile.  "Oooo Nanna that looks like fun", she said.  "What are those flying things called?" she asked.  "Seagulls," I replied.  (Well, we were also watching the seagulls fighting over food that had been given to them) 

Tony and her looked at each other and burst out laughing.  "Nanna I know what seagulls are, I was talking about those things in the water".  

Now she wants to try wind surfing.  There were plenty of windsurfers and sail boarders out on the water.

OMG is there anything that this girl doesn't want to do!!!!

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  1. Sometimes it may not seem it, but these wonderful days spent having fun with the girls are real treasures. Growing up, I did not have grandparents to do fun things with. I can only imagine all the fun it would have been. Your granddaughters are so very lucky to have you. You have a fabulous day, hugs, Edna B.