Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A Blast From Antarctica

Wednesday 10th October, 2012

Bloody hell!!!  Winter has returned with a vengeance.  It is wet, windy and freezing cold.  At 2:00pm the temperature was just 8 degrees C.  The weather man says that tonight we may, (the emphasis is on MAY), get some snow on the ranges.  This is colder than what we get in the middle of Winter.

"SNOW could hit the Mt Lofty Ranges tonight or early tomorrow as wintry weather continues to grip Adelaide."

According to the weather bureau, if it does snow, it will be the first time since 1910 for the month of October.

We have had some lovely weather over the last few days.  They are saying that on Sunday the temperatures will again get to 27 degrees C.   

Is it Sunday yet?..................

Update: Thursday 11th October

"SNOW has fallen on Mt Lofty as rain, hail and winds again buffet South Australia - and expect more wild weather this morning".

snow at Mt Lofty                                                      
                                                        Taken from Adelaide Now website

This morning and afternoon there have been numerous reports of snow falling in the Adelaide Hills and also in the Mid North and southern Flinders Ranges.

Snow on Mt Bryan, Mid North
                                                        Taken from Adelaide Now website


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  1. CRIKEY! an Aussie now living in Switzerland, I'm constantly surprised at how often I use 'crikey' as an automatic exclamation.

    AND how mild the weather is here..!