Monday, September 3, 2012

You're Welcome to Stay, Spring!

Monday 3rd September, 2012

September made it's grand entrance and brought with it some gorgeous weather.  The weekend for us was spent gardening and Tony washed the car.  How nice it was to spend some time outside in the sunshine.

After my nail appointment on Friday I went into town as I had to do some shopping.  I met Tony for some lunch and coffee.  He went back to work and I went off to do what I had to do.  When he finished work for the day we decided to go back to Murray Bridge and have Chinese for dinner again.  It was just as nice as the week before.

On Saturday he cleaned the car while I cleaned up the courtyard.  Sunday we spent the day in the garden. Cleaned the patio area as well and washed the outdoor setting but they say we will get the winds back again on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Yesterday was Father's Day here in Australia.  Like Mother's Day, we don't celebrate it.   For your children to say they love you and come armed with gifts on one day of the year is not for us.   We're happy if we get a phone call.  

Yesterday was also Jodi's birthday and so last night we went out for dinner.  She had booked to go to Caffe Aqua. 

We weren't very impressed with the meal   I ordered Saltimbocca and one piece of Veal I couldn't cut, it was so sinewy.  Tony ordered the Veal and mushrooms.  The serving sizes were so small, more like entree size, no salad or vegies came with the meals. Yes, we did let them know we weren't impressed, to pay $21.90 for each meal it definitely wasn't worth it.

We were both hungry when we left and so we went to McDonalds for a burger.  What is it with eating out at the moment?  The quality of the food has definitely dropped lately.

I know I go on about how cold it is here during Winter.  We don't get the freezing temperatures like the Northern Hemisphere, but when it gets to 14 /15C, for us, that's cold.  Occasionally, we may get one day during all of Winter where the temperature may drop to a single digit, 8 / 9C.  Our weather is often likened to the Meditteranean. 

The weekend temperatures were 19/20C and by Tuesday they say it will get to 26C (which is perfect, even though it will get windy), but then on Wednesday the rains come and the temperature drops to 16C.  Still that's what Spring is all about, variable temperatures with a sprinkling of rain.  At least we will get more warmer days than cold ones.

my newest solar light

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  1. I love your new solar light. It is so cute and unique. We are starting our end of summer/autumn weather now. Cooler temps and shorter days. It's really a nice season. I just don't like winter. Too cold for me. You have a great day, hugs, Edna B.