Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Sunny Days Are Very Welcome!

Sunday 23rd September, 2012

The weather here has been perfect.  Temperatures have been in the low-mid 20's, even the evenings haven't been too cold.  It's been great not to have the heater on.

On Friday night we went to Murray Bridge for a Chinese meal.  Yesterday I attended another scrapbooking class and then last night we met up with Robyn and Bob at the Exeter Hotel on Semaphore Road for dinner. We all enjoyed our meals there.  I had Spare Ribs, Robyn had Chicken Skewers and Bob and Tony had Steak.

Today has been a rather lazy day.  Even though the sun is shining it's quite cool outside and very windy.  We had a light shower of rain this morning.

From what I hear Katie has still been enjoying her birthday celebrations.  The weekend has been a busy one for her and her friend Maddi.  Apparently they have been ice skating, 10 pin bowling, went to Laserzone and shopping.  I think her mum is glad she only has her birthday once a year.

It is also school holidays here for the next 2 weeks.  Boy this year has flown by, only one more term of school left for this school year.  It appears they no sooner go back to school and it is holidays again.

The school year here is made up of 4 terms.  Each term is around 10 weeks long.  The longest break is December/January where they have 6 weeks off.  Between each term is a 2 week break.  They would have another 2 weeks off during school counting the public holidays, pupil free days, a day off for the show, sports day and other days the schools want to take off.

When I went to school we had 3 term school years.  Our terms went for around 14 weeks with the same amount of holidays.  I don't ever remember having pupil free days or days off for the show.  Instead, we had half days for when it was Arbor Day (that's the only one I can remember) but I think there were a couple more.

No wonder so many kids are struggling with their education.  They have to learn the same amount of knowledge in a shorter period of time.  Actually we learnt more because in my day (now I'm sounding old), we had to learn the 11 and 12 times tables as we were taught the old imperial measures and our currency was still the pound, shillings and pence. 

Maybe that's why I still like to measure things in feet and inches and I convert the oven temperature back to Fahrenheit instead of Celsius.   I still get confused when cooking with the grams and ounces. 

How did I get onto this subject?  Talking of cooking it's time to go and get dinner started.  Tonight I may do a spaghetti bake.

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