Saturday, September 8, 2012

Let The Show Begin!

Friday 7th September, 2012

Over the last 48 hours we have again suffered through some very damaging winds.  Mostly this time trees have blown over, tiles and iron lifted from roofs of houses and power outages.  Along with the wind has come some heavy rain and hail.  The ferries at Tailem Bend, Wellington and SeaLink were suspended until the winds subsided. 

A good Samaritan was trying to help the SES and now he is in hospital:

" A primary school teacher is in a critical condition after being crushed by a tree at Ironbark last night as he was helping SES crews remove another tree from the road".
                                                               Taken from Adelaide Now

I just hope and pray he makes a full recovery.  This was the only human casualty of the last couple of days.

Why did we bother cleaning the patio area last weekend, this morning it looks just as bad?  Looks like another job for this weekend, if we get no more wind.

Today is also the start of the Adelaide Show.  Nine days of family entertainment when the country comes to the city.  We have decided that this year we won't be going.  Katie was happy with that when we told her.  

As a sweetener we have decided to take her to Sydney in January.   Tony is taking a couple of weeks off work then.  She is really looking forward to that.  Fingers crossed that our plans work out. 

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