Sunday, September 9, 2012

Hi Ho Hi Ho It's Off To Perth She Goes

Sunday 9th September, 2012

Tony and I got to the airport around 1.15pm and we soon found Kahra and Darren.  All the kids that were going to Perth were also there, 5 in total.  Katie could still not believe that she was going.  Can I say she was excited?

Tomorrow and Tuesday there is no school at Katie's school as most of the teachers have also taken the opportunity to go as well.  There were 22 people in all going.

With the principal, Ian Filer

Time for a quick bite

Time to board

Off to the plane

The plane left around 3.00pm.  Scheduled time of departure was for 2.45pm. Apparently there was luggage taken on board but the people who were supposed to be travelling had not shown up.  The baggage handlers had to remove the luggage from the plane.  Just as the plane was taxi-ing on the runway the two people showed up for the flight.  Sorry, too late they were told.

The city as seen from the airport

ready to take off we come!

Katie sent these photos she took from the plane:

What she was eating

They arrive back in Adelaide at 10.15pm tomorrow night.

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