Saturday, September 29, 2012

Footy Grand Final

Saturday 29th September, 2012

Today is footballs' day of days.  It is Grand Final day in the AFL.  The two teams to play off this year are Hawthorn and the Sydney Swans. The Adelaide Crows just missed out.  Last week they were beaten by Hawthorn by just 5 points.

We are barracking for Sydney though we are not true footy fans.  I go for any team that's not Victorian.

It's half time....Sydney 46 points, Hawthorn 30 points.  Let's hope Sydney can continue with their dominance in the next half.  Carn the Swannies!!!!

                                               Photos from Adelaide Now website

Now I know why I don't watch footy much......I can't sit still.  When the game gets exciting I pace.  I pace up and down, go listen to it on the radio for a while, come back and watch a bit more on the telly.

This is how this game got me today.  The last few minutes were excruciating to watch.  The Hawks were in front by a goal, the Swans tied the game up and then led by a goal.  Hawthorn came back and kicked a couple of points so the Swans were ahead by 4 points.

With 1 minute 20 seconds on the clock the Swans kicked another goal giving them a 10 point buffer.  Phew! it would be hard for Hawthorn to come back from there.

Finally the siren sounded and the Sydney Swans were AFL premiers for 2012.   Congratulations go to all the players and the coaches of both teams.  It was a fantastic game of footy!  Sorry there had to be a loser.

                                                                      Photo from Adelaide Now website

We went out for dinner with Robyn and Bob again tonight.  This time we went to the Empire Hotel on Prospect Road.  The food wasn't as good as what we had last week, this week we all had steak.  

Bob's steak was overcooked (he likes medium rare), mine was undercooked (I like mine to be well done and it had pink in it).  Bob and I changed steaks but to his liking mine was still overcooked for him. It wouldn't be a place I would go to again in a hurry.

By having these "Split the Bill" vouchers it gives you an opportunity to try out these various hotels and restaurants that you wouldn't normally get to try.  

Robyn and Bob have been to far more than what we have and have found some of the places to be hit and miss.  Tonight was the last night to use the vouchers.

Inside the dining room it takes you on a tour of the world.........United States, England and home

The meal may have not been much but at least we didn't starve.  We got all these choccies out of the chocolate machine!!!

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