Sunday, September 16, 2012

Aaaaaarrrrrgh Kids!!!!!!!

Sunday 16th September, 2012

Friday afternoon we went and picked Katie up.  She filled us in on her trip to Perth and it sounded as if she had a wonderful time.  She got to know a couple of the kids from the school they visited.  They even prepared lunch for them which impressed her.  She said the flight was very bumpy and her ears hurt.

On Saturday morning Tony had to go into work to do some fire testing and so the plan was for Katie and I to catch the bus in to meet him when he finished.  While having breakfast Katie went on and on about wanting Taylor to come over.  "I haven't seen her for a very long time Nanna".

In the end I relented and so Katie rang her.  In no time at all Jodi had Taylor over here.  We caught the bus, met Tony and went off to have some lunch.  As we couldn't get the car out of Tony's work (due to some crane operator parking his crane in front of their access driveway) we decided to have a walk through the Mall and down to Elder Park.

The girls did some shopping at Diva and then we went off to the park. They went on the paddle boats, while Tony and I enjoyed sitting in the sunshine watching them.  When they finished we went off and had coffee, they wanted something to eat as well.  
Owl necklaces from Diva

While they were eating Taylor was telling Katie about the dramas she was having at school.  A few of her friends made up this club and they called it the Glee club but then she got kicked out.   I asked her what was a Glee club and she said it was just some of her school friends who were going to sing at school assembly.  "Why did you get kicked out?" I asked her.  

"Oh Maddison said that I was too pretty,  but now she let's me be in it because she said that she's prettier than me and all the boys look at her anyway."   I had trouble not to burst out laughing.  Oh dear, what 8 year old girls have to put up with these days.

We made our way slowly back to the car but then decided before we got there to catch the tram down to Glenelg and have some dinner.  It was a nice evening at the beach, not too windy so therefore it wasn't too cold.  As they were laying pavers a lot of the foreshore was closed.  We ended up having Chinese for dinner (not as good as the one at Murray Bridge).

After dinner I rang Jodi to let her know where we were and what we were doing and to find out when to drop Taylor off at home.  She suggested I perhaps let Taylor stay the night.  I wasn't too thrilled as I knew that Katie and her would have some issues with each other.  They are great for a few hours together but then they start bickering, one doesn't want to do what the other one wants to do and on it goes.

We caught the tram back into the city and went and got the car.  And the girls started.  They decided that they would each sing a song.  The other one wasn't allowed to sing   along.  Well, that didn't happen.  Taylor chooses her song, Katie sings along, and then vice versa.  When we got home it continued.  They couldn't agree what to play on the Wii.  In the end I got them to turn it off and sent them to bed.

Thankfully Taylor fell asleep almost instantly. Katie complained of being too hot.  Within half an hour she was asleep as well.  Peace finally!!!!!!

This morning we decided to go to Monarto and see the new baby chimp that had been born there on the 21st August.  We didn't take Taylor with us as Kahra and Darrin were going on a bike ride and it was finishing closer to their place.  We thought that we may have to take Katie nearer to home to be dropped off which would make it rather late by the time we got Taylor back to her place.  

I rang Jodi to let her know that we would take Taylor home on our way out.  Thankfully we did, because this morning started a bit like the way last night ended.  First thing they were OK, but after breakfast and while they were getting themselves dressed it started.  Maybe Taylor was upset because she wasn't coming with us.  I spoke to both of them about how they can make the visits more enjoyable, things did improve and let's hope they both take on board what I said.

"Not happy little Jans", in happier times they would be doing each others hair

We called into Hahndorf on the way and then went off to Monarto.  Katie was excited about going to see the chimps and so we made our way down there.  Zombi, the mum, had the baby resting on her while she was sleeping.

Most of the other chimps were outside in their enclosure but once they realized there was a crowd of people trying to catch a glimpse of the baby they slowly came inside.  A few of them tried to touch the baby but Zombi would lift her head and they would quickly take their hand away.  One chimp thought he would get away with touching the baby if he groomed Zombi...........hehehehe.  OMG they are just so beautiful to watch!

Katie wanted to take some photos with my camera.  Two of the males were sitting on the ledge by where we were standing.   Katie went to the other side of the glass with the camera and this one male quickly turned his head away as if to say, "you're not taking my photo!"  When Katie came back around to the other side he looked at her and gave her what we said looked like a smile and then a laugh, or maybe he was telling her off. She did this a couple more times and he did the exact same thing.

It brought back memories of when we took her to Melbourne and went to the Melbourne Zoo.  We were in the monkey enclosure and as we walked into it Katie made a noise to one of the monkeys that was sitting outside.  We stood at the glass watching the monkeys and then this monkey that Katie "spoke" to came over.  He came right to where Katie was standing.

As the crowd became larger I got Katie to move away and we walked to the other end where no-one was standing.  Suddenly this monkey became agitated, was looking around and saw that we had moved to the other end and he came down there to where Katie was.  Not one of the other monkeys bothered, only this particular one.  

It was as if there was a connection between the monkey and Katie.  He put his feet against the glass and Katie was "tickling" them with her hand.  When she stopped, the monkey tapped his foot against the glass wanting her to keep doing it.  It was a real "spiritual" experience.

We left the chimps and went back to the cafeteria.  Katie wanted something to eat, Tony and I had a coffee. We all shared some wedges and she had a hot dog.  We had called into the bakery on the way and so Tony and I weren't that hungry.

When we were finished we caught the bus that goes around the park.  Maybe because it was late in the afternoon a lot of the animals were very active.  We actually got up very close to the black rhino, he's normally back closer to his sleeping quarters.  The Zebras walked alongside the bus.  One of the females is due to have her baby any day and the white rhino were running around.  The kids that were on the bus got excited as the young rhino looked as if it was racing his mum and so they were yelling for "Digger" to win.

Pregnant mum at the front

The cheetahs were waiting to be let into their night quarters, the male lions were in their sleeping quarters pacing, while the females were still out in the park lying in the grass.  The ostriches also got up close and personal with the bus.  

We left Monarto just after 4.30pm.  Kahra and Darrin had finished the bike ride earlier than they thought and so we arranged to meet them at the usual place.  After leaving them Tony and I went off and had some dinner and then home.  I'm appreciating the peace and quiet!

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  1. Wow, I love love love your photos! I feel as though I were there with you enjoying the animals. Thank you so much for sharing your outing. You have a wonderful day, Edna B.