Sunday, August 5, 2012

What A Lovely Surprise!

Sunday 5th August, 2012

This morning as I was going through my morning ritual of coffee and blog hopping I came across across a lovely surprise.   Edna, from Miss Edna's Place awarded me a Blog Award, named the "Sunshine Award".

Sunshine Award

Thankyou Edna! Take a visit to her blog, she has just got herself a most gorgeous puppy, Pogo, and photographs some amazing birds, insects, wildlife and flowers.   Apparently I have to pass this Award on to 10 other blogs (I will have to think about that).    

Also I have to answer 10 questions about myself.  Well here goes:

Favourite Colour    -      Red  ( but funnily enough I would never wear red lipstick,  red nail polish and those who know me would NEVER give me red flowers)
Favourite Animal   -    Elephants are number 1, but I like  all animals EXCEPT snakes
Favourite Number   -   Number 3 has always been lucky for me 
Favourite Drink   -   Coffee
Facebook or Twitter   -   I have accounts for both, very rarely publish anything to Facebook or Twitter, but I do like some of the games Facebook offers
Good Book or Good Movie   -   My all time favourite book  "To Killl A Mockingbird"
My Passion   -   my family, photography (though not very good at it) and scrapbooking
Giving or Getting Gifts   -   love to give gifts to friends and family,  I would rather give than be offered payment for anything I don't find to be of any use anymore
Favourite Day   -   Friday, because I then get to spend the weekend with Tony and Katie (when she comes to stay)
Favourite Flower   -   Carnations

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