Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Poppa And Nanna Are So Proud Of Their Little Girl

Wednesday 8th August, 2012

Last Wednesday while talking to Katie on the phone she told us that she had been asked to apply to go to Perth for a student conference.  She was very excited when she was telling me about it, I didn't get to understand what it was all about.  She said that she had to write an essay saying why she should be chosen to go.

Earlier tonight I rang Katie to see if she was coming for the weekend and the first thing she said to me "Guess what Nanna?"  "What?" I asked.  She shouted, "I'm going to Perth".  OMG  I was SO proud of her and told her so.  She had been told after school that she was one of four students selected.  Four teachers are going as chaperones.

She flies out on Saturday 8th September and comes home on Sunday 9th September.  She is only gone for just over 24 hours.  Because she is on the Student Representative Council and represents her class, the conference is to teach them how to deal with students' conflicts and other problems that arise within the classroom and playground. 

This is right down Katies' alley.  She has always shown concern and compassion for others.  We notice it when we are out with her, if someone is in distress she wants to know what's wrong and how can she help them.  

When she was younger she wanted to be an ambulance driver.  Whenever we saw an ambulance she always asked where was it going to, what would be wrong with the person in the ambulance, always asking questions we couldn't always answer.

Today, she doesn't want to be an ambulance driver, "I don't like blood", she says.  Instead she wants to be a Veterinary Nurse.  "Animals have blood," we tell her.  "I know," she says,   "but it's not the same as people blood."   Let's hope she realises her ambition.

As for coming to stay this weekend she is not.  We are meeting up with her on Sunday because on Monday she goes away on school camp.  We've got the sleeping bag and coat that she needs to take.  She said that if she comes to stay she will only get to sleep one night at home before she goes on camp.

Such a busy life she  Also on Tuesday 4th September she has been chosen to sing in the school choir at the Festival Theatre.  Kahra told me tonight that she has bought us tickets for the show.  Looking forward to that!

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  1. Well done for her - what a terrific achievement!