Monday, August 20, 2012

Another Weekend Bites The Dust

Monday 20th August, 2012

Another weekend has flown by.  On Thursday night I got a phone call from Katie wanting to come for the weekend.  The weekend weather wasn't sounding too promising but I told her we were sure we could find something to do.

We picked her up Friday night, did some food shopping and then went to Fasta Pasta for dinner.  Not long after we had got home I got a phone call from Tori.  She was going to a party not far from here and asked if I could pick her up from the bus stop and take her there.  The thing was, I had to meet her at Paradise, as she was already on the bus to there.

Katie and I ended up going to get her and two of her friends.  We dropped her off, came home and were soon in bed.  Around 11.30pm Tony came in with the phone, it was Tori, she was wondering if I could go back and pick her up and take her home.   Grrrrr I thought I was done with teenagers and running them around.  Anyway, she apologised for waking me and said she would find another way to get home.

Saturday morning Katie slept in.  She said she was still tired from her school camp. They went to Illawonga Camp near Swan Reach on the Murray River.   She had a great time at camp.  They went to a yabby farm and caught some yabbies.  They watched a video on how almonds are grown and harvested, canoed on the river, in her words, "did donuts in the speedboat", had bonfires and toasted marshmallows, went to the gym, explored a cave, archery, watching sheep shearing and just mucked around.

The gym at the camp

Tony had an appointment at the optometrist in the afternoon.  He has been complaining of his eyes being sore and so thought it was time for them to be checked.  It has been a few years since he last had them checked.  He also wanted a haircut.  After we had some lunch and while Tony was doing his thing Katie and I went off and did some shopping.  She wanted a wallet to take to Perth plus some hair accessories.

Katie has always been wanting to have false nails.  Just because a couple of her classmates have them done she thinks she should also be able to have hers done too.  I have explained to her that she is too young and she could damage her nail base if she has acrylic put on her nails.  While shopping we found these stick on nails.  They have a sticky backing and to remove them she just needs to soak her fingers in water.  She was ecstatic to be able to wear them.  They didn't need to be put in water, they came off easily after a few hours of them being on her nails.

After Tony was finished we took a quick trip out to Virginia Nursery to get some more potting mix and another pot.  No sooner were we back home and we had to go again, this time to meet Robyn and Bob at the Reepham Hotel for dinner.

On Sunday morning Tony and Katie cooked pancakes for breakfast.  We decided to go to the movies in the afternoon.  I wanted to see "The Sapphires", a movie about 4 aboriginal girls (sisters and cousins) that were chosen to go to Vietnam to entertain the US troops in the late 1960's.  Tony and I had seen the stage production a few years ago and really loved it.  I thought Katie might like the movie too because one of the stars was Jessica Mauboy, an Australian pop star.  

At first she didn't want to see it, she thought it would be boring.  We ended up going down to the Noarlunga Cinemas (near her place).  She was happy to go there and had great delight in showing us where they have the movie discos, where the swimming centre was and where she does her martial arts. 

As for the movie, she LOVED it!!!  "Oh Nanna." she said "That movie was so cool".  "Yeah," I said her to, "we had some pretty cool times back when I was a teenager.  Our music was pretty good too wasn't it?"  She looked at me, shook her head and said "Nah, not really." and laughed as she walked away.

She was also excited that we got to drop her off at her place and she could finally show us her bedroom.  It was the first time that we had been to her place.  Let's hope it's not the last!

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  1. Gosh, I've been away a while, but now I'm caught up. Your photos are fabulous! Your town not only sounds, but looks absolutely wonderful. My hubby and I always wanted to come over, but were never able to do so. So your photos are very special.

    I will have to start practising using the camera on my phone. Up to now, I haven't used it much.

    Enjoy these times with your grandchildren. They grow up so quickly. You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.