Monday, August 13, 2012

I Can Get Back To Normal

Monday 13th August, 2012

Finally my life can get back to some normality.  The Olympics' are over for another four years.  Congratulations to all the Aussie athletes who did this country proud especially to those who won medals.  Australia won 35 medals, 7 gold, we got these for swimming, rowing, cycling, 3 for sailing and athletics, 16 silver and 12 bronze.  We ended up finishing 10th on the Olympic Medal Ladder.

Sally Pearson won gold for the 100m hurdles

Anna Meares won gold for the individual cycling sprint

Meares beat Britains' Victoria Pendleton for gold.  They are long time opponents

 our sailors going for gold

On Sunday Katie called in to pick up her sleeping bag and jacket.  She was really looking forward to going on camp.  They were leaving this morning and coming back on Wednesday afternoon.  They hung around for a couple of hours and after they left Tony had to go down to the neighbours' house. When he was mowing the lawn earlier in the morning the guy came up and asked Tony to have a look at some electrical switches in his house.  David, another neighbour had told this guy that Tony was an electrician.

Tony is a qualified A class electrician.  These days he doesn't do much electrical work for people anymore, he says he is too old to be clambering around in ceilings.  When he came back he said he was appalled at the work some other electrician had done for the previous owners.  He has to go back another day to fix the problems. 

After he finished there we went out to Virginia Nursery to have a look.  I ended up buying a few plants and Tony got a tub in which to plant some vegies.  He thought we might start with some capsicums and a tomato plant.  I also got this gorgeous swan for the pond.

Saturday was a quiet day.  Tony painted the walls of the toilet.  It needed to be done seeing the toilet had to be moved over, and rather than just paint over what needed doing it was better to paint the whole area.  

I decided I don't need to go and buy a new toilet roll holder.  We had a spare glass shelf in the garage and so Tony put that up to hold a couple of toilet rolls.  Looks good!

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