Monday, August 27, 2012

Food! Glorious Food!

Monday 27th August, 2012

Late Friday afternoon I went and did some food shopping and met Tony.  We went and had coffee and decided to have Chinese for dinner.  But where would we get it from?  We don't like most of the Chinese restaurants around here.  Tony suggested we go to Murray Bridge.  I was up for it.

When we got there it was after 7.30pm and so we decided to eat in.  I think our eyes were too big for our bellies, as we ordered 3 meals to share plus a fried rice.  We got Sweet and Sour Pork, Honey Chicken and Braised King Prawns with Cashew Nits.  It was delicious.  They offered a take away container for what we couldn't eat, but all that was left was some of the Fried Rice and Honey Chicken.  Still it was enough for Tony's lunch the following day.

It was after 10.30pm when we got home and we both said that we'd do it again.  Better than any Chinese food offered down here. Well worth the trip! 

On Saturday afternoon I went and did another Scrapbooking class.  Robyn and Bob came around shortly after 5.00pm as we were going out for dinner with them.  They have been collecting the vouchers from the paper.....Split The Bill.  This time they thought they would try the Boatdeck Restaurant at Taperoo.

We had a very nice meal there, Tony and I had sizzling Porterhouse Steak with mashed potato and garlic mushrooms.  Robyn had fish and Bob had Rump Steak.  They also offered a salad bar and soup in the cost of the main meal. For dessert Robyn had Apple Crumble and Bob and I had Nut Sundaes.  Tony opted for a coffee.

On Sunday we decided to go to Harbor Town.  I wanted new mats for the kitchen and bathroom floors.  The weather was quite nice, cool, but at least we had some sunshine.  I didn't find any mats other than bath mats (which I didn't want).  Out of all the shops that are there, there is only one Rug place and they didn't have anything suitable. 

We called into Largs for an icecream.  While waiting I tried to capture the people feeding the seagulls.

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  1. That ice cream is making me hungry!! lol. Yup, I think I'll just head out to the kitchen and have me a big bowl of strawberry ice cream. YOu have a great night, hugs, Edna B.