Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Always Knew We Lived In One Of The Best Cities

Tuesday 14th August, 2012

Adelaide has been named as one of the best cities in which to live.  Melbourne (???) came in at Number 1 followed by Vienna, Vancouver, Toronto and then Adelaide tied with Calgary at 5th.  Sydney came in 7th place and Perth 9th.  

Us Adelaideians have always known that we live in the best city.  We have the best weather, easy to commute, affordable housing, great restaurants and cafes and some of the best wineries within an hours drive of the city.  Our beaches are pretty good too.

We are known as the Festival State and even our interstate counterparts have admitted that we put on the best festivals. To name a few, WOMadelaide, Fringe, Festival of Arts, Cabaret Festival, Guitar Festival, Tour Down Under and the Clipsal 500. 

We have to laugh at Melbourne being named Number 1.   While Melbourne is a great city to visit I wouldn't like to live there.  We often joke about them having four seasons in one day, so weather wise it's not as good as what we have.  The only good thing going for Melbourne is their tram system plus they are sports mad.  The river that flows through Melbourne, the Yarra, was said to flow upside down because it was so muddy.

They are also known to pinch successful events from other states.  They took the Grand Prix away from Adelaide but never ran it as good as what we did.  Now they are eyeing off the Tour down Under or so the rumours go.

Still to have 4 cities and a city (Auckland) in New Zealand named in the Top 10, this region must have something going for it.  Sssshhh don't let the rest of the world know!!!!

Adelaide city skyline


River Torrens

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