Sunday, July 8, 2012

A Shopping Experience Or Payback?

Sunday 8th July, 2012

The last couple of days have been emotionally draining.  Jodi is having a few issues with Tori and I find that I am being caught in the middle of it all.  No doubt their problems will work themselves out eventually but at the moment it is hard for all concerned. 

I don't know why Jodi comes to me for advise.  Perhaps she doesn't feel she can talk to her own parents about her family issues.  Maybe it's because I'm straight down the line with her and she knows where she stands with me.  I do know her    parents pussy foot around the issues with her because they don't want to "upset the apple cart".

On Friday I spent some considerable time on the phone catching up with a friend.   During this time Katie was trying to contact me.  Eventually she did.  "Nanna," she said "you gave me great stress, I have been ringing you for ages."  Oops sorry," I said, "but I was talking to a friend who I haven't seen for ages".  "What were you talking about all that time?" she asked.

I had to explain to her that we had lots to catch up on, then she told me the reason for her call was to ask if she could come for the weekend.  I arranged for us to meet her after I picked Tony up from work.  Kahra also asked me that if we were going to do any shopping over the weekend could I have a look for some Tshirts for Katie.

Yesterday we ended up going to the Plaza.  We looked in several stores for Tshirts for her but there weren't too many around.  They still had a lot of winter clothes, albeit most of them on sale, with just a few items of summer stock on the shelves.

While having a quick bite to eat Jodi rang.  Katie wanted to talk to Taylor and that was the end to a quiet weekend for us. They schemed for Taylor to come and spend the night.  "Nanna, it's been soooo long since I saw Taylor," Katie whined.  "OK then".  I relented.

We went and picked Taylor up and then went out to Gawler to visit Robyn and Bob.  Robyn wasn't well, she was in bed with laryngitis.  We stayed for awhile talking, the girls ended up playing Scrabble, and when we left we went to the pub for dinner and then home.

Once home they decided to go to bed.  They were in bed, out of bed, back in bed, out to play the Wii until it was time for us to watch the Tour de France.  They watched that for a while as well until they decided to go back to bed.  I could still hear them talking way past midnight.

Today we thought we might have liked to have gone to the movies.  The girls couldn't decide what movie they wanted to see.  Katie wanted to see "Spiderman" and Taylor wanted "Ice Age 4".  In the end they decided on neither, instead they wanted to go shopping.

We went off to the shops and Tony and I just tagged along.  Now I know what it feels like to be a child and 'dragged' around the shops.  They went into just about every clothes shop, looking at and trying on the clothes that they liked.  If it was up to them, they would buy everything!!!

Katie did get herself a couple of Tshirts.  Taylor got one that she bought herself and then got upset because I wouldn't buy her any.  We finally came across Diva, an accessory jewellery store, and because we had given Taylor a gift voucher as part of her birthday present, she was happy to spend that.

I think I know the feeling of how kids feel after they go shopping with their parents?  My feet were tired, my legs ached, I was fed up and I just wanted to go home and relax!

With purchases in hand, and two happy shoppers finally, it was time to take Taylor home and Katie back to Kahra.  "That was fun Judy, can we do it again please when Katie comes to your house?" Taylor asked.  "I'll see," I replied, "let me get over today first".

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  1. The girls are beautiful. Oh yes, they can wear you out in such a short time. You do seem to enjoy them so much, and that's really nice.

    I enjoyed all your photos on your last post. That gas pump was such a fabulous find! It seems like a liftime ago when gas was that inexpensive.

    Now I'm off to my daughter's house to do a bit of exercising with her. You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.